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    1. Gonzaga University
    2. FNP - want to work for the county here in Portland or other community health
    3. working full time for first year and a half, part time when clinicals start
    4. part time
    5. I am excited and terrified at the same time... I am a single mom of three kids, so time management will be key... but I so desperately want to do this for All of us... mostly excited!

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    Hi guys,

    I am a relatively new grad RN who has been orienting on days for about a month and a half. I start on nights in about 2 weeks, and I'm really nervous as to how this will affect my schedule/ ability to spend time with my kids/ get kids to school, etc. We do have some ability to self schedule, and as my kids go to their dads every other weekend, I have scheduled myself in for every Other Fri/Sat/Sun when they are at their dads house. I am unsure of how to do the other 3 shifts within those two weeks however, and could use some advice. Should I cluster them all together as much as possible, and have 5 days in a row off q two weeks? Or should I space it out a bit if possible? I am worried that as a new nurse, the clustering would totally be exhausting. I'm really nervous about if I have to work a Friday night, how do I sleep the next day? My kids are 8 10, and 14, but I have always been a really hands on mom when I'm home, so I don't feel comfortable with just telling them to leave me alone while I sleep, it would be very upsetting to them and me. grrr.... could use some advice from other single moms


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    I just started in adult nursing, and I have to say... adults are a whole lot more whinier and disrespectful and demanding than my previous pediatric patients or their families, for that matter. Don't know how long I'll last in adult nursing, I think it may be that population that contributes to burnout.