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    I have sent out at least 70 applications and resumes, mostly in the Tucson area, only to find nothing. I would suggest trying elsewhere.

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    Quote from yelnikmcwawa
    But on the same token, almost 80% of new grads have found employment. I realize that finding a job for a new grad might be very hard, but clearly not "impossible" as some have stated. Up your skills...volunteer, get ACLS and PALS certified, get help to make your resume stellar, volunteer, volunteer, and did I say volunteer yet? You gotta stand out from the crowd.

    Again, I realize that some new grads have done all of the above and have still had poor luck, but just trying to offer suggestions that may help. Good luck to us all!!!

    Honestly, I have volunteering NOT at all helpful in finding a job. When employers ask me what hospital experience I have, I tell them about my ED volunteer work, and at least TWICE they have actually laughed out loud. Literally laughed at me.

    "Sorry, that's not hospital experience. That doesn't count, you need experience."

    And while I have good letters of recommendation from both hospitals I volunteer at, neither will hire me, nor make an exception for me.

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    I am a Dec '09 grad who can't find a job. I have been a volunteer in 2 different EDs, and neither hospital is willing to hire me, despite having a letter of recommendation from both.

    The thanks I get for volunteering for them is "You should try going to a different state."

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    Wow. I have an ADN, and this thread has been quite helpful. Thank you everyone!

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    Quote from airborneinf82
    Jumpy, are you looking at just hospitals or anything?

    I'm looking at EVERYTHING in Tucson, Phoenix and Sierra Vista. Acute care, long term care, long term acute care, rehab...if it has RN in the title I'll take it. I also have volunteered 1 year at 2 diffrent hospitals of which neither one will take me, despite a letter of recommendation from both.

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    This thread completely sums up how I feel.

    Every time I tell someone I can't find a job as a new nurse, the first thing I get is a look of confusion followed by them asking about the "nursing shortage" that they've heard over and over again.

    Next thing they ask is, "did you apply to Large Hospital X?" which is usually a the most visible/well know hospital in the city, and is kind of a slap to the face, since there is no way I could have NOT applied there.

    Next up is something along the way of "My brother-in-law works at a hospital. He's what they call a transporter. He can probably get you a job...totally."

    Any way, I apologize if it sounds like I have a bad attitude. I just need to get this off my chest, and it seems like I'm in similar company.

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    I can only speak for myself, but as a new grad (Dec 2009) I am having quite a difficult time finding anything at all.

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    Trust me, you're not alone. I'm in a similar position to you here in Arizona, and the 2 hospitals that I volunteer at for the last year won't hire me or new grads either.

    I have no good advice for you, but hang in there. I get frustrated too, just don't let it effect you.

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    So like the title states, I just received my ADN, and I also have a bachelors of arts from 2004. I was wondering, would the bachelors in some round-about way allow me to join as active duty as a nurse, even if my nursing education is only at a ADN level?

    I know the answer is probably "no" and I'm grasping at straws here. Never the less, thank you in advance

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    Hello everyone,

    So I have just completed my first semester of nursing at Pima Community College. Now that I'm on summer break I'm looking for a job for the summer and most likely through the school year. I've applied to the major hospitals about a weak and a half ago but no word from them yet

    With that in mind I am not currently a licensed PCT or CNA, so will this hurt my chances of getting in a hospital or care home, or does my first semester of school counteract that.

    Also If I do need to get CNA or PCT certified (with my first semester in mind) where do I go to get that done and what is the process like.

    Oh, and if anyone knows of a place that I could find a great job at, I'd love to know.

    Once again thanks

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    Quote from kitten_
    I will be starting at Pima this semester too...unfortunately I am just now starting my prereqs so it's gonna be a while before I can really start my ADN.
    Congrats. Are you at the west campus or else where?

    Quote from multicollinearity
    Hi Jumpy. I was accepted into the Pima spring '08 class. Then I found out I couldn't get financial aid through Pima because I have too many credits. So I made an alternate very happy. I'm going BSN at a university in AZ, instead. Good luck - and honestly, I envy you. It's a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful program. I still wish I were in the Pima nursing program, starting this month, at times.
    Financial aid can be tricky, and I know plenty of people who have hit the same block. Sorry that this happened. Are you moving out of Tucson for this BSN program?

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    We are starting soon, so I thought I'd bump the thread up.

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    This former wildcat would like to know more too.

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    Not yet. I'l be there on the 26th and I'm quite looking foward to it. How long ago did you graduate?

    Also quick question for ya. I've heard a rumor that there is a huge percent that is failing the program. Is this common, a fluke or just misinformation?

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    I'll will be starting the pima program soon, and I thought I'd say howdy. Anyone else going to be in for spring, at PCC?