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    sorry, I am seeing my doc today. I haven't slept much. I guess my original post was to see if other nurses have had this and what kinds of things did you do to help your recovery process. There have been times in my life when I thought I had "a little food poisoning" and I whined about it. Now I know what it truly is to have it and it's humbling. I don't mean to sound like an idiot and I don't mean to violate any TOS. I'm sorry.

    Nurse in Northern MN

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    I recently got back from a trip. Went on a cruise, came back Sat. Dec 26, stayed in FL for 3 extra days and than drove home to MN. I was run down because I didn't sleep in car at all and we drove straight thru. Last Tue, I was incontinent of stool but thought I was overly tired. No appetite Wed. Thur AM developed fever and I've had fevers everyday since. Went to ER Sun, they bolused me, gave me zofran and cultured my stool. This morning they called and said it is salmonella. I've lost ten lbs in five days. I can't eat but able to drink fluids slowly. Incontinence of explosive stool finally stopped two days ago but the consistency of stool is the same. When they drew blood, my white count was normal. I started cipro this morning. I was able to give my shift aways at work because I can't leave my house yet. We have sterilzed the house three x. I can barely walk at times because I'm so weak. I walk the rooms of my house (can't really do stairs yet) for ambulation. I'm not vomiting - really HATE to do that and try to force myself not to. I am always nauseated. I'm 41 and no one in house has these s/sx.

    Lots of pedialyte, chx broth and maybe a piece of plain bread. As a nurse my husband expects me to know what to do and I don't. I'm even a little scared because I have never ever been this sick. Highest temp Sunday was 104. This is after taking it axillary, oral and buying a new thermometer. Believe me, my eyeballs felt like they were on fire. So today I started cipro 500 mg BID for 5 days. My temp now is 100.5. I'm going to see how high it goes on it's own. Than of course ibu and/or tylenol.

    I often come here for advice and I desparately need it now. I have never been so out of control of my body as I have been the past week. I'm exhausted because I stool every 4 hrs. The little community hospital I went to for fluids - doc told me to try immodium. What a joke. My stools are slightly bloody but I'm not surprised. I feel very bad for my colon right now. Anyway the only reason I didn't go to my hospital where I worked - I talked to a nurse that night to give a shift away and they were super busy, slammed with admissions, etc.

    Can anyone help with advice? I'm having a moment of clarity and strength right now to type this. Any natural things I can do? Healthwise, I'm obese but no health hx. Is there a point when I should say, admit me and give me IV abx and fluids? It's hard to stay hydrated and not feel like you're going to vomit what you just drank. I'm on day 6 or 7 of this, exhausted and scared. I can't take care of my family or work obviously. I can't eat. My mom says eat rice, etc. When I take one bite of food, I have that feeling that you do when you're so stuffed after a turkey dinner, that you can't possibly take another bite.

    It's January, diet resolution month. Excuse my humor here (it's how I deal), but try the salmonella diet and you WILL lose ten lbs in five days.

    Need to use the little girls room. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Nurse in Northern MN

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    Yep for about 6 months and then moved back to Minnesota. I'm freezing to death but I love my job here. I agree, TMC is all about recruiting, not retention. Fortunately I did not have to pay back my sign-on/moving bonuses because they changed the terms of my contract. I signed on to work ICU and because they needed RN's in telemetry, they came up with some excuse why I needed to work there instead. Let's just say working on the telemetry unit was "interesting." But the position change was completely against my will. However I felt trapped, we had just moved there and I stuck it out for a short while.

    With that being said, it wasn't the best place I worked nor was it the worst. It's an okay place. I wouldn't say it's a "dump" either. I miss the warm sunny weather.

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    Well, I was just looking at the MN forum and still basically quiet. I had posted some time ago about troubles finding a job in northern MN and had finally made the move south. We've (family) been in Tucson since June 6. I got hired at Tucson Medical Center. Very busy hospital. I was thinking today about the comparisons between Duluth/Cloquet, MN hospitals and here. All the hospitals here are full all the time. You wouldn't dream of getting sent home due to low census! I got to pick my shift (days of course) and everything is 12 hrs. No rotating shifts unless you want to. The orientation programs are very good. They generally orient you for 6-8 wks and you do not go on your own until you are finished with orientation. You can move along sooner if you wish. I am working on a cardiac/medical/tele floor and have never been so busy in my life! We get absolutely everything. In January, I'm going into the cardiac ICU with a 6 week orientation. All charting here is computerized and you take your computers (called stingers) in the rooms with you for assessments and meds. No union here but because they ALWAYS need nurses - pretty hard to get fired. Wages aren't as great starting out. I started at 20.50/hr. 17% shift diff and 2.00 increase on weekends (not sure about that though). However, you can work as much as you want here. They have E-Schedule where you online and pick the days you want to work. Schedules are made about a month in advance. Also they post what's called "Bidshifts." When they need more nurses for a shift, they will post incentives like....time and a half + $10.00/hr. Anyway it comes out to around $40/hr and up. And that's for someone like me just starting out. You do get annual increases as well. They also offer to pay for your ADN to BSN if you agree to work with them for a certain amount of time after you graduate. They have an online program for that. No manditory OT - they just offer a whole lot more $$ until someone agrees to come in.

    LOVE the weather. We had one of the hottest summers on record here - 39 days of consecutive 100+ degree weather. Sounds miserable right? Wrong. There's virtually no humidity. We live in an apartment, 1350 sq ft and pay $1000/month, 3 BD, 2 BA. It has a nice pool (live somewhere with a swimming pool because you will be in it ALL the time) and a nice fitness center. We're in the foothills (PRIME real estate here!) right by the mountains and I am 20 minutes from work. It's much greener than I expected. Alot of green trees but yes, cactus and desert too. We do have tarantulas (can't spell it - those big hairy spiders) here but they're not venomous and they eat the scorpions! Seen a couple of those already. Haven't seen any snakes or scorpions yet.

    The downside - it is expensive! Real estate is as pricey as the cities now. But it virtually happened overnight. Californians are buying everything here and driving the prices way up. Nothing against them, but its true. We plan on renting for a couple of years and then I don't know what. Day care is high too. For 2-3 days a week, full time we pay average $100. Maybe this doesn't sound high to other people, but when you're used to having grandma watch baby at no cost, then you have an eye opener. Plus we came from a city of 13,000 people, so obviously the cost of living was much lower. The real estate market is inflated here for the time being - we truly are in one of those "bubble" cities.

    In conclusion, am I happy we came? Yes. I signed a 2-year contract with this hospital. They paid all moving expenses plus out of pocket moving expenses (driving down, hotels, meals), they arranged the moving company and it was a direct pay, also got about $6000 in bonuses. The downside of all of this is not knowing a soul. No family, no friends, nothing. However, most people that live here are "transplants" also. Alot of people from the norhtern states live here. Traffic does SUCK. In the first few months you are here - you will either: a) nearly get hit by someone else or b) get into an accident. Car theft is bad too. Get a decent alarm system on your car or it won't be in the parking lot when you leave. Sad, but true.

    Well, sorry so long but now you all have a few details if anyone wants to make a move like we did. We are considering coming back to MN after the 2 yr contract is up. I just can't imagine getting used to that weather again - that would be a problem. Take care all!


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    Just to answer other's questions....

    My contract specifically says ICU.
    I have had at least 3 meetings with educator/mgr.

    A weird thing....everytime I see ICU educator and mgr like at lunch, they come up and hug me and act like we're highschool buds. And they smile and say, " ya doing? We miss you..." Kind of like they're kissing butt. Anyway, I take it for what it least they're being nice in the moment.

    Thank you again everyone.

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    Well I certainly appreciate everyone's input. I actually went to HR today to see what my options are. I'm supposed to schedule a meeting with employee relations. I don't know if I want to take it that far. I do look at everything as a learning opportunity and I am in no way going to badmouth this particular hospital. All of these orientation programs for new grads are wonderful compared to what I came from. If I was able to get a job where I lived in MN, there were no orientation programs to speak of. I'd be "thrown to the wolves" so to speak. So I value the time and energy they are putting into me as a new grad. I'm trying to get over the angst of why they did this to me and me only. Every new orientee in that room said they were nervous and scared. One other nurse even said the exact same thing about "basics" as I did.

    But, I also look at this as a "2 for 1." I'm learning to work in 2 units vs just ICU. I will be able to float to cardiac/med/tele unit in the future.

    Obviously, I'm still torn and contemplating which attitude I should take about this. I think they hurt my feelings and made me feel a little incompetent and that's what I need to get over. Two years in the scheme of things truly isn't that long and certainly not long in the world of nursing. In a nutshell, it was the way they (educator/mgr) handled telling me that "I HAD to go over to this unit for 6 months - sorry, but you have no choice." If they had offered it to me, there's an 80% chance that I would have said sure, I'll do it. That'll be good for me. Well, thanks everyone for listening. And thank you for the advice.

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    Hello all,

    I recently moved to Tucson specifically for a job in an ICU as a new grad. I started my new position (orientation) on June 13th. It was my first job out of school but I graduated in May 2004. Due to a decline in jobs as a new grad in my area and the fact that we had to sell our house, it took us a year to get out here. They (those hiring me) knew all of this. After going thru the ICU classes for a week and a half and then working on the floor for almost 2 weeks; there was a meeting for new grads along with our educator. We were all asked about our comfort level on the floor. Well as you can imagine, a few of us (including me) said we would like more practice at just the basics, then we would feel comfortable with the hard core material. Saying that alone landed me (the next day!) in cardiac/med/tele floor. I have been orienting to this new floor for almost 2 months now. I was the only one out of that meeting that ended up where I'm at. I get to go back to ICU in January where I start all over.

    Now let me clarify a few things. I'm no dummy. I go home and study what I need to learn in order to become better at what I do. In that particular meeting, the educator clearly stated she wanted complete honesty about where we were at because she is a new educator - new in this position. I gave her honesty about where I was at but that didn't mean I wanted to move to another unit temporarily. Heck no. And the thing about the unit I'm on now - no cardiac drips, hardly any IV meds, no lines (central, PICC, art). This hospital has a few cardiac floors. What I'm learning is organization and that's it.

    Well, finally my question is this. I signed a contract that said I was being hired into ICU and that I must work at this hospital for 2 years. They didn't honor their contract so do I have to stay for 2 years? Obviously I'm still a little upset about the situation I'm in but everyone that I tell this to says to "grow a backbone - you got screwed!" Is this true? I'm in a new town - don't know a soul - I don't want to "bite the hand that feeds me" or burn any bridges. I don't plan on quitting right now but maybe only staying for 1 year and then look somewhere else. What does everyone think?

    Thanks for you input

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    Nothing wrong with going into nursing to become a CRNA. However, with that being said, I begin my first ICU job in June. Knowing myself the way I do , I will not apply for NA school until I feel a certain level of comfort in my ability and skills as an RN. Time is not on my side. I'm older and want to be a CRNA within the next 5 years or so. That means I do not have the time to hang out on med-surg before going to ICU just to "perfect my skills as an RN." Don't mean to offend anyone but that's just plain the way it is. And not to be stubborn - but I don't see a single thing wrong with it.

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    I'm moving there in May to start in June (critical care class). I'm moving from MN because there are no jobs here at all and I've basically had it. I flew down and interviewed in Dec and loved it. I was completely amazed at how nice everyone was. Everyone seemed to like their jobs and were generally happy. Anyway - I was impressed so we're moving on down from COLD Minnesota (wind chill alerts 35-50 below zero right now). Yeah, I'll take it. Because I'm solely interested in ICU they had a class starting in Jan but there's no way I could get down there fast enough. I have a family and a house to sell. Bottom line, I like their style of management, everyone was very nice (not a crabby person to be seen), I'm impressed with their training program for ICU, all equipment is new, of course beautiful weather. It just felt right. I went with my gut feeling. Anyway, hopefully others will tell you good things. Good luck

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    I graduated in May of 2004 - still no job. However I live 2 hours north of the cities. But I've had friends (new grads - no prior exp) try to get jobs in the cities and no luck. Hopefully that will be different for you. Happily I accepted a job in Tucson AZ so I can FINALLY start working. Unfortunately hospitals can afford to be very competitive in MN. Which sucks for us new grads with no prior exp. My advice is to start looking for a job NOW. Don't wait. That apparently was my downfall. Anyway good luck!

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    I've accepted a job at TMC. I attended an "RN Open House" in which they flew me down and I stayed at a nice hotel for 2 nites. I was extremely impressed with the people. I was shocked at how nice everyone is. And the funny thing is - most of the people I met were not from Tucson. Everywhere else BUT Tucson. I only met 2 natives. I'm interested in critical care and they have one class starting in Jan but that's too soon for me to move. So I'll be starting the June class (over a year since I graduated!). Anyway, it's been 7 months and nobody has called me for an interview. So we finally decided to hit the road. I'm getting a little wordy here - bottom line is I loved TMC. So that's where I'll be in June. Good luck

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    Thank you for the advice. Hello to the MN transplant - bet you love the weather there. I just shoveled for the second time this year already. I hate it. Well I feel a little better since I know nothing about this hospital. I look forward to interviewing there this weekend. Thanks again

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    I live 2 hours north of the cities and I can't find a job. Oh wait, I take that back (this is funny). I did get offered this "great job" according to the caller at LTC. I have no desire to work LTC but I thought finally after 5 months of nothing, I'm finally getting an interview. Just before we're going to schedule me to come in and talk with her, she says, "oh, I should tell you one more thing. This is an LPN position but we'd LOVE to have an RN fill it. But the pay is $12.00 to $13.00/hr." I politely declined and told her to call me when they "have an RN position that pays RN wages." Ridiculous! Bottom line is that I've heard thru word of mouth that new grads (no experience) are having difficulties getting into any hospitals in the cities and here. So for the past month I've been working with recruiters and I have an interview in AZ next Fri. I think I will call some hospitals in the cities though just to be sure that I'm hearing correct information. I've been trying to 6 months to get a job where I live and I've had it. So we're ready to make the move. I think if you have experience it's a different story. I sincerely hope you have better luck than I do. I like the Twin Cities area - lived there for 5 years a while back. Good luck

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight about working at TMC. I am a new grad as of May 04 living in Minnesota. Since I have not been able to find a job here, I decided to work with a recruiter for a job. I fly into Tucson next Fri to go to an RN "Open House" at TMC. I'm interested in the fellowship in ICU. My future goal is to become a CRNA. The direct entry into ICU is enticing but I'm wondering if there are any drawbacks to working at TMC. I've been to Tucson a couple of times a few years ago so I'm a little familiar with the area. My husband would have to find a new job. How is the unemployment rate? Difficult to find a job? He's into heavy equipment type stuff. I'm also enticed by the tuition reimbursement. I plan to obtain my BSN soon. Any tidbits of advice anyone has to give me I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone.

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    Thank you for the advice. I did check the website and I see that Duke indeed does not have an ADN to BSN program. So I would have to look elsewhere to get my BSN. I am still contemplating the decision to interview there. From what I understand starting pay for new grads is low but the support received from faculty/staff is high. I would soley support my family (hubby/toddler) for a short time so the pay factor scares me. Maybe I will indeed interview there and see what my "gut tells me." Thanks again