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    A big thank you to all of you that have helped me in answering my questions. I have decided to continue my education here at my local community college. I am going for the RN. I only pray I can get through the hard work.

    Happy summer to all.

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    Hello to everyone out their. I am not a nurse as of yet I am facing some decisions before I register. I have just received my Associates degree for Science and now I want to do the LPN or the RN. I need to know the difference between the two.

    What is the pay scale difference between the two in Michigan? What is required in the way of schooling and med. updates after I have finished? Is it expensive to keep up? How does this all work?

    I am going to go back and finish my pre-nursing classes and will finish them in December. I need to put in my application for the nursing program if this is what I am going to do?

    I currently have been working with Mentally challenged and physically disabled individuals for the last four years and I love my job. I want a career that will be as rewarding and challenging I love helping people.

    My only problem is money. I need to pick a career and get it done. Please....I know I am new here but the help would be appreciated immensely.