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    Wow, thanks for responding so quickly! The RN program is an ADN program which takes two years full time and about 3-1/2 to 4 if you can attend school half time. Thanks for the advice though; it's good to know from someone who's been around the situation!

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    Have been enrolled in a CNA class for a couple of months (it is a prerequisite of the nursing school I will be attending) and trying to decide whether to go for the LPN or RN program. I know eventually I want to become an RN; however, I work full-time and am a single mother with two kids, and am 38 years old (almost). My thought right now is to become an LPN first so I can start working in the nursing field sooner and then continue on to be an RN down the road. Only going to school half time while working full time, it will take me four years to become an RN while I could complete an LPN program in just over a year. Has anyone else out there found themselves in this position? I really don't enjoy the job I am in now (totally unrelated to health care) and, due to the low levels of pay, will not be able to work as a CNA either while going to school since my current job pays substantially more than what CNA's in this area make. Any advice/comments/suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!