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    Quote from mcg1929
    so i took the test today,,here i am today in my bedroom sitting in front of my handouts,books,notes etc,,,still looking for some answers if i got the questions going crazy!!!!! arrrggghhhh*** theres so many peds questions and meds that never heard b4! i dont have a clue on how to answer them! i used the "watever makes the clients safe" type of thing went to 85 questions and thought that was it ..but as soon as i press the next button it went to 86 ...87..88 and up to 118!!!! i think it was an odd no. or weird no. to end up with,,,i failed das for sure...and m already thinking of saving $200 for my nxt retake! a lot of things are running to my mind,,i cant stay still and m so anxious.....i need some encouragement .....
    All you can do right now is wait and PRAY.

    I got my result after 21 days. Waiting was the worst part of it. The first 2 weeks was fine but after that... terrible feeling. The mailman was my best friend. But once you pass, it's all worth it.

    Good luck!

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    Quote from raine84
    i am just curious regards to the starting rate of pay for newly LPN grads upon hire in all and many different states here in the US. I am currently in mcallen, tx. but i plan to move around to different states to see where i like to work best so I would like to know the different rates of pay for different states.
    Starting rate here (LTC) in the Silicon Valley, CA is $25-$28. I just got hired for $28/hr but the job is terrible. Aside from med passing to 35 patients, you'll do the treatment, admissions and discharge.

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    Here in the Bay Area, common start rate is $25 - w/ benefits, $27 - w/o