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    I used to take Ritalin up to 60mg BID for Narcolepsy. I have since switched to Adderall. I took a employment physical back when I was taking Ritalin and was shocked not to get a phone call regarding the ritalin. Ritalin is not on the general panel for a urine drug screen. Adderall is on that screen. I don't have a link but there are resources out there to tell you how long to expect a drug in the sx. I worked AODA previously and it was a helpful tool in figuring out use timelines. Hope this helps.

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    Quote from lmc512
    How often do you check a pts 02 sat postpartum that had duramorph during a c/s? one hospital i worked at checked it continuously while the pt was in PACU but once d/c'd to postpartum you only check it if pt appears to have resp distress. another hospital i worked at has the pt on continuous pulse ox for 12 hours postpartum. Also, does your pt. have to be on a continuous pulse ox while on a PCA? All this 02 sat crap seems overdone if the pt is satting 99-100% RA for 2 hours straight and no signs of resp problems.
    The hospital that I work at requires continuous oximetry for 24 hours following administration of duramorph and hourly resperations. Pt's who are on PCA's ie Morphine or Dilaudid are not required to be on cont ox. Worth mentioning, narcotics are not to be given to Pts given duramorph for 24 hours unless with approval by anesthesia where I work. Is this the general rule out there? Thanks.

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    Few weeks ago had a baby boy who's parents named Kaos, pronounced like chaos. Parents were caucasian so there wasn't a possible cultural explanation.
    What's with everybody naming their baby boys Jackson with an "x", Jaxson?

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    Curious about this...When in nursing school a few years ago I noticed Pt's were on numerous meds, upwards of 15 different meds in the morning. Many of these vitamins. What are your thoughts on the amount of meds given to you think they are extending life and its quality? Do your residents take these meds without a struggle? At what point do you discontinue medications? Thanks for your expertise!

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    Quote from jailDON
    I am moderate on three of the things. The bad thing is that as a psych nurse, I knew what was the "right" answer and what was the "wrong" answer so I had to really try and be honest with myself.

    Isn't that the truth! It took great reflection to give my answer and not what I know may lead to a certain dx. Yes, nurses are difficult patients. Scored VH on 1, the rest mod or low. No suprises.
    I am not a psych nurse but I have heard repeatedly that nurses in this field tend to have more mental health issues. Again I do not work in psych nursing so I do not have an opinion on this, would you agree or disagree with this statement??

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    Quote from CMColumbus
    Where do you all get your shoe inserts? Are the Dr. Scholls inserts that are sold in Wal Mart the same as the $50 inserts I've heard of?

    No, they are not the same. The inserts from my podiatrist were specially made for me, molds were made of my feet. I needed these orthotics because my feet overpronate and for me, that has caused some tendonitis in my feet in the past. The orthotics from my podiatrist were $580, insurance pd for most if not all of the cost. For my insurance it had to be pre-authorized. You may not need such specialized orthotics. I had tried the inserts at various shoe stores with little success. Hope this helps.

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    Quote from hs2005
    I know that we all have our areas that we hope to be working in someday, but realistically where do new graduates usually start their nursing careers? Do most begin in med-surg gain experience and then move into other areas?

    The smartest move to make (in my opinion) is to start with a med-surg. unit. I started at a hospital with 4 med/surg. units. I worked on the abd/vasc/ent unit. Loved it. Got great experience. Now I work in an inpatient AODA/Mental Health unit. Sky is the limit after a solid foundation.

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    Quote from NYstudent
    Hi All,

    I am in an ADN program and I am currently on my Psych rotation (6 weeks). One of the projects we have to complete, in addition to attending an A.A. meeting, is to do a group project in which we have to present/teach something to the patients.

    Can you give me ideas of what we should talk about? We have 30-45 minutes to work with. Any help would be very much appreciated!

    Coping mechanisms. Keep their interest by doing some seated yoga and breathing exercises. I bet they won't forget your presentation when they are able to do something more than listen (and zone out ) Good luck

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    Quote from opal6779
    Hi, I just started my first job as an RN - It's on a med/surg floor - and I was just wondering what you have found to be the most comfortable shoe/sneaker to wear. The sneakers I have are killing me after a shift of being on my feet the whole day, have you found anything that helps with some of the discomfort
    Thanks, Jennifer
    I asked the same question to a podiatrist who recommends dansko shoes! I have a pair and love them!

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    Hi! I was dx'd with Narcolepsy 2 years ago after years of c/o fatigue, daytime sleepiness, falling asleep at inconvenience times. For years I was told it was depression (I do have a mood disorder although this is tricky b/c narcolepsy causes energy swings through the day and extreme strong emotion so can this be a true dx when narcolepsy is something you can dx with specific criteria from sleep study-more difficult with mood disorder diagnosing), then chronic fatigue, the list goes on. Finally, I met an MD who took me very seriously and sent me to a neurologist for eval. After the sleep studies, I was diagnosed. I have been on provigil (made me feel ill), ritalin (no effect except elevated BP and irritability), the ritalin patch (daytrana) patch doses are too low, would have to wear several, again no effect, currently on adderall with some effect. I work a .7, pm shifts. I have had only 1 pt with narcolepsy and no peers, friends, family. Wondering if there are any nurses out there with the same struggle? How do you cope? What meds have worked for you? Are you able to work? My neurologist suggested working 4 hours in the am then nap for 1hr then work 3-4 hours in the afternoon. Sounds nice but I reminded him I am a nurse and this would be impossible. HELP!

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    Quote from beautifulb
    I need to get in shape!!

    My husband and I were just watching an infomercial for Turbo Jam. Their clients that have used it has had wonderul results - 6-pack abs, down many dress sizes, inches, weight. My husband (who is a sucker for infomercials) has been hagging at me to get the series ($60) but I do not want to get reeled in by their claims.

    Anyone have any experience?

    Hi! Found the instructor extremely irritating. You can find these classes at gyms. I have prefered the class in that setting.

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    Quote from phoenix72
    I was wondering if anyone is, or knows of any successful bipolar nurses. I am non-medicated but cope with my symptoms via behavior modification and therapy. I do not want to rely on medication if I don't absolutely have to. Will I be forced to disclose my condition? If so, will I have to be medicated to be employable? I am not a severe case and don't have radical mood swings. Most people are not aware of my condition unless I tell them. This has really been on my mind so I appreciate your help.
    Dear Phoenix,
    I have both narcolepsy and bipolar illness. What luck! I have been working as an RN for 3 years now. I am on meds for both illnesses. I had refused to disclose my meds for my current job and they respected my right to refuse. I work a .7 and have not succeeded working more than that. I do have rough patches. Had one recently and my MD took me off work for 1 week. You are employable. You would be suprised at the illnesses of your peers. I have several peers dealing with severe depression. You are in a silent majority. I truly believe in medications-without them I have suffered and so have my loved ones. Hope this helps.