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    Ouch. I feel for you.

    We have to have BLS and PALS. I am taking a PICU course in the autumn, but this isn't required. I want to do it for my own self confidence and learning

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    :spin: I have a 6 month old daughter and have returned to work 1-2 days a week when my husband is home (day care is soooo expensive and I miss my baby way too much when I am not there!). I have recently started working in the PICU after spending my nursing career in general pediatrics. I am very excited to be in this new area of pediatric nursing but am really feeling like a student again! I have found my confidence to be really low and have been second guessing myself all the the time. Working so few days a week doesn't help this I know but if anyone has any pearls of wisdom or encouragement I would be grateful. I am especially looking for any ideas of good books I could use for background reading, or online courses I could do to try and increase my knowledge....I really feel like I know nothing all over again and am finding it quite disheartening! To add to it all I trained and worked in the UK until a few years ago and it's been a steep learning curve going from a different culture and health care system to another...!

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    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to this site! Looks fairly cool so far...

    I'm a new mum (6 month old daughter) and have returned to work just 1-2 days a week when my husband is home (child care way too expensive...). I have recently started to work PICU (am a registered pediatric nurse from the UK) and am finding myself feeling like a student again.... It's hard to learn a load of new things when only working 1 or 2 days a week so I am feeling a real lack of confidence and continuously second guess myself. Any suggestions? Are there any good books out there which I could use for back ground reading? Any online courses that I could do?