Returning to work after becoming a new mom


I have a 6 month old daughter and have returned to work 1-2 days a week when my husband is home (day care is soooo expensive and I miss my baby way too much when I am not there!). I have recently started working in the PICU after spending my nursing career in general pediatrics. I am very excited to be in this new area of pediatric nursing but am really feeling like a student again! I have found my confidence to be really low and have been second guessing myself all the the time. Working so few days a week doesn't help this I know but if anyone has any pearls of wisdom or encouragement I would be grateful. I am especially looking for any ideas of good books I could use for background reading, or online courses I could do to try and increase my knowledge....I really feel like I know nothing all over again and am finding it quite disheartening! To add to it all I trained and worked in the UK until a few years ago and it's been a steep learning curve going from a different culture and health care system to another...!:o


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Dear British Import,

I can feel your pain as I, myself have gone through this....but let see in the positive way...we actually have our husbands' to take care of our child.....and regarding the work....try to update urself...and luckily we have this we can ask any questions....I am sure it is just the matter of time...dun worry u will get there sooner or later


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I totally understand what your going through. I transitioned to PICU from general peds when my first child was 6 months old. Although I loved the PICU and would love to return one day, I left because of my family. Anyways, don't get discouraged I am sure you are in a supportive environment so just remember to speak up whenever, you are not comfortable (even if they expect you to be) in the end you will be respected for it. I used MaryFran Hazinski's book Caring for Critically Ill Child, it was attached to my hip during my time in PICU. If you truly enjoy the PICU stick with it and treat every challenge as a learning experience. You are never expected to know everything and with time you will be amazed at how wonderful you are at PICU nursing. I am in a job with flexibility but very little challenge or job satisfaction in order to be home more with my 3 yr old and 9 month old. I miss the challenges and opportunities for growth in the PICU and I am still looking for that magic balance. I think 2 days a week is just enough time away to keep you sane in both the work and family department. Good luck !

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