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    hi krnruby,
    i have been an np now for almost 4 yrs in a private practice neurology group in michigan. i see anywhere from 8-12 pts a day. i am the only np in a group of 6 md's. i am pretty autonomous for established pts. for new pts i bring the md in to do key parts of the h/p. salary is pretty good but i am in the process of renegotiating some salary issues...primarily bonus. my hours are good. 8-5 m-th and 8-12 on fridays. 2000 dollars CME money and 5 weeks vacation. good hours. no nights, weekends, holidays, or call
    hope this helps

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    i am jasamidnp. i am an np in michigan in a private practice w/ 6 physicians. i am looking for other people who are in my similar position and asking advice on renegotiating contracts
    thanks for the input