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    Ask and you shall receive.

    Just wanted to update you. Three board members WERE replaced! (Including the president.) And the new board members just granted a grandfather until it goes before the General Assembly for a full reversal.

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    I'm really sorry to hear you've been having trouble. I feel bad for you after reading your post. I can tell you frustrated. Good luck to you. I hope things look up for you in the future. (keep smiling)

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    Quote from Tammy79, RN
    Great. but it excludes those of us who are alumni. Is there anyway you can change this to include graduates too?
    Hi. Sorry I can't change it because I didn't write it but you could leave a comment that expresses how you feel. The comments are going to be just as powerful, if not more, than the signatures.

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    Pmdc I agree. Here is a petition to sign that is going to the Gov. to help EC students. Please have everyone you know sign it. This will get overturned. In GA there is buzz about the fact that the Gov. just fired three board members. Don't know if it's true or not yet but there are a lot of people saying it.

    Here's the petition link.

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    Here's something you can do about it.

    Pass it around. Excelsior deserves to be in Georgia.

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    Yeah, you're right Zoeyzoe. They will be effected but i know they really have been fighting really hard. They were on the news at the meeting in sep speaking against the decision so thats really good. I also attended Kaylim and really enjoyed it. I needed something to keep me going.

    I think this whole thing will bring excelsior back stronger than ever. I KNOW this will get sorted. I just wish they would replace the board members for pulling this stunt.

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    I can't believe all this. I am very recently an Excelsior grad. I can't thank my lucky stars enough that I have already gotten my lisecne. I am here in GA and have been following this very close.

    Honestly, the best place to keep up on this is the student forum at Kaylim Career Institute.

    Whether you go there or not they are now letting people into the students only area to stay updated. They post EVERY bit of detail they get both good and bad. You can make your own judgments.

    The funnies thing is that Sharon Cooper has completely gone back on what she said. SHE wrote the bill that caused this and now, according to kaylim's forum, she has said she "does not want to close the door on Excelsior."

    Reality TV doesn't get any better than this! I know the gov will put stuff straight. It's his job.

    The only thing that I hate is that I am now, for as long as I am in GA, under a crappy board of nursing. I do not trust them. I can't belive they tried to get away with not even giving a grandfather. I hope that meeting in Jan is open. I have a thing or two to say....

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    Yeah. Either an LPN, Paramedic or RT. (And I think there's one more. Something to do with the military. You should just call and ask them.)

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    Quote from Angel4you
    Hi Im looking for a good school to start my degree in nursing any advice thank you

    Yeah, I did excelsior college. I liked it.

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    In price it's obviously no comparison. They are way cheaper. In quality, I would say it was money well spent. The information is the same no matter where you go.. unless you go to some second rate workshop. The thing I liked about them is that they had all the equipment. They actually had all the dummies and simulators. I think it was more than worth it.

    I got lucky though. I live in Atlanta. I took the workshop here and then did the CPNE here. Another thing that made me feel comfortable is knowing the area. Plus, has someone working there that used to work with excelsior doing the cpne!! That's a huge advantage.

    I never took the excelsior workshop but I was happy with the one I took. I saved myself a lot of money by doing the workshop I did. Not just by the actual money I saved bc it was cheaper but bc I didn't have to spend almost $1800 to retake the cpne. Wherever you go... take a workshop! It's worth it.

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    I did at Grady in Atlanta. It was more nerve racking than anything. I took the workshop from and it was awesome. They set everything up like the actual clinical. If I didn't take a workshop though my nerves would have gotten the better of me. I know this sounds cliche but you have to think positivley when you go in there. If you go in thinking "oh my god if I fail this then...." You have to just relax. Most of the stuff is going to come second nature to you if you have studied.

    Before you go take it do searches on this site for peoples experiences. They helped me A LOT. It's no nice that some people actually take the time to write out step by step their expirience. I would also say to make sure you take a workshop. If nothing else it will help with nerves. Good luck to you!

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    I have been attending Kaylim Career Center doing the ASN program and I am finally an RN!!! I passed the NCLEX!!!! (Thank god. I don't think I can do anymore school.) A lot of you have given me some invaluable advice on my journey. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone especially the few of you I have developed relationships with over the last year. Thanks for all the great advice and encouraging emails. I could not be more excited right now. When I first started out I was really overwhelmed but used the support of you guys. (Turns out I wasn't the only one stressed about tests.)

    For anyone starting out, I recommend using this site as a crutch. I also recomend Kaylim Career Center. I really couldn't have done it on my own. (My only "complaint" about Kaylim is sometimes the books take a little longer than they say to get there. So order them AT LEAST a month in advance.)

    Good luck to everyone not finished yet. You have no idea how good itk feels. So keep it up no matter how tough it gets! Cheers

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    I've heard that you can make a wound packing model for 50 cents from home depot. Does anyone know how to do this so I don't have to buy to EC wound? Thanks.

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    Kaylim Career Center gives you classroom time and you can use the books you have I think. I just posted elsewhere on this so maybe you can do a search. But this is exactly what I was telling the other nurse about.

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    Saw your post and thought my experience might help. I attend Kaylim Career Center which do the study material PLUS classroom time. I don't know what they are saying about CN to give you second thoughts but I have passed all my classes with Kaylim. I need the structure of a schedule and class time. If you can do it on your own then maybe CN or another publisher would work for you. They all prepare you for the same exams. I personally don't want to read the entire text book to pass so a publishing company was worth it to me. Before you pick somewhere just ask yourself if you are self disciplined enough to do it on your own. I think, but I am not sure, that no matter what publishing company you go with you can still sit in the Kaylim classes b/c they are all the same exams. You'd have to double check with them though.

    Are you just starting or have you done any prerequisites? Also something to keep in mind is the CPNE. Kaylim has a workshop for like $295 if you do the program. Other publishing companies you have to go elsewhere and they are anywhere from $600-$800. If you decide to go with Kaylim I can sell you my old books. They are highlighted in but are in good condition. Like I said, I've been passing so it's working for me.

    Good luck to you. Study, study, study!!!!