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    Background: Right now I am attending an University in a suburb of Chicago. I originally came to this school with the desire to become a DCE, director of Christian education. During first semester I realized I did not want to become a DCE and finished that semester with a low GPA. I currently am at the same university taking general classes. For a few reasons I decided I would like to become an RN.

    The plan: I have signed up for CNA classes this summer. I then plan to come back to the University I am at for a semester to retake the classes I did poorly in. The next semester I plan to work full time as a CNA. I think it would be profitable for me to work for awhile as a CNA to get a good taste of the nursing environment.

    From here I do not have a clear idea of what steps to take. Obviously attend some kind of nursing school. But BSN or ADN? If I took ADN I would become an RN and could eventually take the RN-BSN if I so desired right? Are there other roads to take? I heard through people that there are nursing schools connected to hospitals, and if I worked as an CNA while going to school the hospital would pay some of my tuition? Any information would be much appreciated.