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    Thanks alot!! Hey I have a couple more if you feel like answering.....
    Which assessment would you instruct the nursing assistant to report immediately with a pt. that has pneumonia/COPD? Rationale?
    A. incontinent of urine and stool
    B. pt has lost 1# since admission
    C. increased elevation of temp
    D.ate only half of breakfast and lunch

    which of the following interventionswould you assign to an experienced LPN?
    A. draw arterial bloodgas sample
    B, Administer albuterol
    C. Take vital every 2 hours
    D. Increase O2 to 2L per nasal cannula

    I think the answer to the first one is C and the 2nd one is A, but I need rationales for these answers. Thank you to anyone that can help.

    wait, one more
    LPN states that this same pt is now on O2 at 2L and his sat is at 91%. what intervention should I delegate to the LPN?
    A. begin a plan for discharge
    B. administer lasix orally each morning
    C.get a baseline wt on the pt now
    D. administer IV piggy-back claforan every 6 hours

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    Which finding indicates worsening of the patient's condition? The pt. has pneumonia, SOB, COPD, and dyspnea.
    A. barrel-shaped chest
    B. clubbed fingers on both hands
    C. crackles bilaterally
    D. frequent productive cough