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    Quote from belagee12
    I cant find any schools that will allow me to take just 2 subjects :/ they either dont offer that option or they are completely packed and have no slots
    So I heard. I'm sorry about that. Apparently you need to take a whole semester or year to satisfy the concurrency issue. Have you contacted the board yet?

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    Are you currently living here in the US? If so then, well, be aware that you now live in a country where rule of law and regulations are actually implemented. I hate to say this but you feel like you are entitled to so many things that this country has to offer. Suck it up and work your way up. Same thing I did almost 6 years ago when I came to this country.

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    I don't think any visa has been approved based on your statement above. You may be confusing an approved I-140 for a visa. An approved I-140 does not grant any visa status to anyone. It is merely an approval of her green card application. Once approved of I-140 (to which NOA's are granted, as with other visas), a person is given a certain priority date which puts them in line until green card numbers become available.

    As of now, the Philippine 'pool' backlog is stuck at people with priority date of Aug. 1, 2006. Your mom's priority date of Dec. 26, 2006 isn't that far behind so just hope and pray that it eases up pretty soon.

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    Quote from belagee12
    Eligible to take the nclex-pn? i contacted my analyst and said that it's completely up to the bvnpt to determine if i can take it or not :/
    Who's your analyst? Like the Jr Admin already said, contact the BRN directly or walk in to their office in Sacramento and ask them first about your situation and you possibly challenging the NCLEX-PN. You would not wanna waste money like a lot of fellow Filipinos did, would you?

    If you really wanna stay in California and practice there while bearing in mind your ineligibility to take the NCLEX-RN I think the best route for you is to go ahead sign up for make up courses and then try applying again. OR choose from one of at least 13 states that are currently not considering concurrency issues for foreign educated applicants.

    Good luck!

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    Quote from ms.piggy
    yes, i wasnt given a license no./card bec. i dont have SSN. i have an employer now, willing to be my sponsor for a working visa but i need to have a Ca license.
    i will call the Ca BRN later to fully understand the new requirements and processing.

    Well, good luck. It's really tough coming here in the US nowadays unlike before. Just do what you gotta do and you'll be okay.

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    Quote from ms.piggy
    i passed my Ca NCLEX RN last 2008 and it expired last 2011. the Ca BRN said that my files are abandoned but they kept my nclex result. and in order for me to have a Ca license i need to submit A NEW APPLICATION FOR LICENSURE BY EXAMINATION; transcript from school; the fingerprint clearance and a valid U.S. SSN. i would like to know if i need to submit the new requirements of Ca BRN (copy of ur clinical rotation schedule for your cases: Assisted/Actual deliveries, cord dressing and major/minor surgeries
    -A complete school curriculum hundred pages or more sent directly from ur nursing school to the board. (the board doesn't accept the condensed version of the curriculum
    -a one page curriculum outline and academic calendar)?

    please help..
    Were you not issued a license card/number ever due to you not having a US Social Security number/card?

    Be advised that my case may be different to yours because I have a US Social Security at the time that I got my license back in 2008. I was issued a license no problem and I now have a current license active again.

    Please elaborate and maybe I can shed some light on your situation.

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    Number 15 hits the ball out of the park. You won't believe how many times my co workers "jinxed" our shift by just one of them saying "Oh, I like it today it's so quiet" or "Wow, I hope the call lights keep gathering dust" or something. There was one time before when the word "quiet" was said and towards the end of the shift I started thinking that we might just make it out of a possible jinx but then during shift change, sh*t hit the fan and ended up staying 2 hours. After that I just tell everyone not to say a word or to keep their "quiet" comments to themselves.

    I think no. 6 is also almost true here in the US and no. 16 is a sad but real.

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    According to recent statistics, 43 percent of all California new grads have been unable to land their very first nursing jobs within 18 months after graduation.

    Central Valley Business Times

    Nursing homes and rehabs are now demanding anywhere from 1 to 3 years of experience before they will even accept one's job application.
    Wow... That is depressing. You think I have a chance with my 4 years experience in post-acute and rehab centers? Like my previous post, I've already seen all the craziness that a post-hospital care center could offer.


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    Quote from perioddrama
    It sure is! It used to be that SNFs/LTCs were quite easy to get in to, especially for new grads. Now, they prefer experienced nurses.

    And let's not even start on the hospitals.
    What do you think abt me? I have like 4 years of sub/post-acute nursing experience. And that's the kind that's almost like a med surg unit in a hospital (terrible!). You think I have a chance? I've practiced in Colorado and Florida...Thanks mate.

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    Quote from juan de la cruz
    I moved to San Francisco from the Midwest in 2009. Like you, I made sure I endorsed to a California RN license and certificate to practice as an NP. My most important advice is to never make arrangements to move unless you have a firm job offer. Hospitals in the city and the surrounding area have career websites and it's easy to navigate through job openings. I happen to find a job as a nurse practitioner just by looking online. I do have years of experience from the Midwest and the job opportunity I applied for perfectly suited my qualifications. I am saying this only to warn you that the job market in San Francisco and the Bay Area is saturated with many well qualified applicants so don't feel less worthy if you don't get calls right away.

    Now on to living in San Francisco which is a unique city, unlike any place in the US I've ever been to (though it has qualities you will see in other cities outside the US). One, the city has an overwhelmingly liberal political ideology. You will see that in the way the city handles issues pertaining to public service, city and county ordinances, social services, etc. It is extreme and having considered myself a liberal, I am still at times shocked by what I see here. Two, even though it is a tightly compact city (and county, really), there are distinct neighborhoods that actually bleed into each other. Housing is very expensive as you already know but the trick is finding that neighborhood that suits your needs in terms of budget, the lifestyle you want to live, and the proximity to where you will be working.

    I found that apartment hunting is not an easy task here. One, there is competition from other would be renters especially in desirable neighborhoods and good apartment deals go away fast. Two, without being intimately familiar with the neighborhoods in the city and your preferences as far as qualities in a neighborhood, you could easily end up in an area you hate if you don't do your research beforehand. Fortunately, craigslist seems to be the most extensive source of available housing options you can have. The listings can be arranged by neighborhood and by price range. If it's any consolation, you do not have to live in the city to work in the city. The Bay Area itself has good options with good public transportation that can bring you to your work in the city.
    Hey JDLC, can you please give me a summary on the job outlook in California especially in the Los Angeles area? Looking forward to moving there. Thanks!

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Good luck to you!

    California is my home state and I moved away nearly 7 years ago. Although I now have more than 6 years of nursing experience in another state, I have been unable to return to CA due to no firm job offers there.
    Hey Commuter... Is it really bad in California in terms of the job outlook? Even at nursing homes, convalescent hospitals or rehab centers?

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    Hey Commuter... Is it really bad in California in terms of the job outlook? Even at nursing homes, convalescent hospitals or rehab centers?

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    Quote from mdzRN211

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    Nurse-patient ratio is the first issue that SHOULD to be addressed.

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    So far this year, I'm on track to making $65,000 (gross) which is a little lower than what I made last year. I'm pretty good with it and living in Florida with a relatively low C.O.S. also helps. Nurses deserve to have higher pay than other professions because of the magnitude of risks, and stress, involved in providing patient care regardless of the care setting.