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    Do you check pedal pulses on all your patient's regardless of their diagnosis or history? Example: for a pt that came in with diarrhea and is otherwise independent with history/risk factor for dvt/PE/PVD.

    I was discussing head to toe assessment with some nurses and some of them said that they sometimes don't do a full head to toe assessment at all. They just do a focused assessment if a pt is stable. Ex: if a pt came in with cellulitis of the leg, they wouldn't listen to their chest or abdomen, ETC. I was really surprised.

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    Have you guys heard about Green Smoothies?

    I've recently been seeing a lot of nurses carrying weird looking greenish concoctions and they claim to have a lot more energy. Which is very appealing to me since I have veggies and I'm in desperate need of an energy boost during my shifts. I'm always sleepy and groggy for hours after lunch.

    Do you guys drink them and what are your recipes? Noticed any changes? How about the whole Superfoods /protein shakes trend (maybe trend only to me)? Do you believe in it and which ones do you swear by?

    Yes, if you are wondering, I'm trying to find the lazy man's way to good health. Instead of changing my whole eating habits I want to mix up some powders and have miraculous results!

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    Wow. Is this discussion only SCARY to me???!!!

    In my area (I've worked at 3 hospitals), giving oxygen to pt is a nursing order up to 10L. Even if it isn't, I would never leave a pt is resp distress without providing what the OP has done. It's very easy for a person who is desatting/having difficulty breathing to go down rapidly - why take the precious minutes you have and waste on walking to the nursing station, looking for the doc's number, call him up, explain the situation, then get an order. That can happen AFTER!

    Now, I'm not sure if the situation OP experienced is as dramatic as I'm describing, but still...

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    Good old vaseline. Make sure your hands are wet/damp so that it can lock in the moisture.

    I have severely dry hands (made worse with nursing) and I'm still trying out lotions and so far none of them have yet kept me moisturized longer than 2-3 hours before I need to reapply. I keep lotions everywhere though - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, purse, work bag, car so that I'm always reapplying which really helps.

    I've started to use Lush's massage bars and I find them very moisturizing compared to creams & lotions. Read some of the reviews on the website.

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    Maybe it would be better deactivate that account and set up a secret one with just the people you really are close with. That's what I did - so when they asked - I truthfully answered that I deactivated the account and didn't want to open in anytime in the future. I went from 200 'friends' to about 40.

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    "When the manager said that nursing was so easy, even a dog could do it, I really thought she was joking!"

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    Good ones!

    Some more...

    - Whenever I reposition pts, I flip over the pillow. Every single time.
    - If I pull them up in bed and their gown is touching their neck - I have to pull it down or else I'll have this weird sense that something is choking MY neck . Whether or not they ask. They never ask
    - I caviwipe commodes even if they are clean.
    - I spray odor control spray on bedpans and urinals before and after use (really cuts down on odor).
    - If I'm spraying a room - I'll make noises to try to cover up the sound so that they don't get embarassed.

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    I don't know if other people do this - but EVERY single time I have to give a subq/IM shot - i try about 4-5 times (point get, get close, withdraw without touching the skin) before I inject. If I don't do that - I get very anxious and feel like the needle will bounce. I make sure the pt doesnt watch so they don't get freaked out but I can't stop. I can never inject with one fluid motion.

    I don't like seeing anything in urinals - even if it's 10 cc - I will empty it.

    If no one is in the hallway and I'm transporting a mechanical lift - I will ride on it like a shopping cart

    I've had blood, pee, and vomit splatter on my unifomr and shoes and I've just shrugged and cleaned it off as best I could with disinfecting wipes then went on with my day without a second thought - but just the thought of hearing someone clearing their phlegm or suctioning mucus makes me want to curl up and lock myself somewhere.

    What's yours?

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    I wouldn't let her talk to me like that in front of a patient. You don't have to be yelling or saying curse words to be sounding rude. Tone can say a lot.

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    Where pts hands have been?

    We're always helping them to transfer, get up, change etc. I noticed that a lot of the pts with mobility issues who have beside commodes or urinals do not have means of washing their hands. The sink is too far for them to reach and the majority of them do not have sanitizer at the bedside. That's what I'm crazy about. It's gross - they go to the bathroom or use the urinal (obviously touching their genitals and maybe having urine spill/spray) and then they call you and touch you as your are helping them, touch the side rails, the beside table, the chairs, then eat with those hands etc. I'm always running to the supply room and handing them sanitizer.

    I can't wash my hands enough. And if I really think about it - it makes you want to shower in bleach.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of other instances I'm coming in contact with grossness/germs throughout the day.

    Care to share?

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    I know a friend who lost a job because the reference bad mouthed her. I can't say much more details but the saying 'don't burn your bridges' comes to play here.

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    Smiled & laughed throughout the vid. Awesome!

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    We were just told that if we didn't get the flu shot and called in sick we would not get paid. I can't believe they are getting away with this.

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    Very cool!

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    I'm not arguing about the basics here. Each person has an area that they are more concerned with than others. For me it's poop & pee. If a pt wets their bed or diaper - whether or not they are mine - & whether or not I am crazy busy I ALWAYS change them right away. I see some people who when the pt say 'I'm wet/need to be changed' will say "ok, I'll get your nurse/let your nurse know/ wait until I"m finished with X". I have never said that.

    I'm not patting myself on the back here but what I'm saying is that the head to toe bed baths that were drilled to us in school are not really realistic in some units for EVERY DAY.