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  • Jun 10 '12

    Ahhh, well I don't think that's too bad. Once I was pushing a non-ambulatory pt in her wheelchair, down a slight ramp - I don't know where it came from, but I heard my own voice saying, "wheeeeeeeee!" The lady was in her mid-50s. I got a real good "withering look" out of that one.

  • Apr 4 '12

    Sorry I couldn't put my input on this, I'm not a nurse yet. However, I wanted to let you know they do have a Beauty section. Just go to "Break Room" on the top right and then click "Family" on the left and you'll see the "Beauty/Aging/Healthy Skin"

  • Mar 13 '12

    AHA........I thought I might find you here, Mr. Moses, after I mentioned we need to order some new tablets........

  • Mar 7 '12

    "Here is the med room...Oh, and that is the doctor who expects you to always clean after him"!

  • Feb 20 '12

    One time had a patient put on a call light because he found out it was my birthday. So he called me in to sing me happy birthday. He had downs syndrome, it was too cute

  • Feb 20 '12

    Had a pt come into the ED with abd pain. He was a mentally challenged young man. Well, the doc ordered the Abd 2 view, we're looking at it and seeing all these little square shaped things showing up. Confused, we asked the patient what he had swallowed. His reply...'I want to be smart and computers are smart so I took some computer stuff to make me smarter.' Yup, he had swallowed computer chips. Tugged on the heartstrings of even our crusty ole charge nurse.

  • Feb 11 '12

    Came in to introduce myself to pt. I didn't notice someone left Foley open. Slipped and slid across the floor into their IV pole which fell over and ripped IV out of pts arm. So of course I tried to get up quickly and fell again. I felt like the biggest idiot ever and apolgize profusely. Pt was a good sport about IV and was more concerned that I might have brain damage. Hope they meant after the fall and not before

  • Feb 11 '12

    One time I started an Iv on a pt with many dx, including schizophrenia. She laughed till tears came throughout the whole IV start. I thought she was laughing at the TV, but...NO!!! She looked at me, when I was done and said," How did you start that IV standing on your head?". LOL I was sitting in a chair at her bedside starting her IV...Not standing on my head.. hee hee

  • Jan 15 '12

    i've had this happen to me a few times and i was 100% fine with throwing some towels down and getting the pee off the floor. i'm not an object of sexual gratification for some loser who wants his "joint" touched. i'm not talking about old men or the incapacitated...i'm talking about walkie/talkie dudes ranging from 20s-50s. i don't care if they pee on the floor or themselves. i don't care about the inconvenience of changing a bed or cleaning a floor. i'm not feeling on anyone's genitals male or female unless it's strictly medically necessary. when i was a very young cna i once walked into a young a+ox3 male pts room to collect his breakfast tray. i found him sitting in a chair (got himself into the chair btw...he had zero physical limitations) buck naked with a massive erection and he had the nerve to tell me that i needed to wash him. i told him that i didn't feed him that morning and that the same hands he used to feed himself with were the same ones he was going to use to wash himself. i left him sitting right in that chair, came back with shower supplies, pointed out the shower room and walked right out again.

    stuff like this makes me feel violated and disgusted. what a perverted loser.

    Quote from ruby vee
    or deal with the wet floor . . . because i've seen them do that to "make a statement."

  • Jan 15 '12

    My mother taught me that "Trash is something that you walk around, not something you wade through."
    Let it go.

  • Jan 15 '12

    Meh. I have to write narratives where I work, along with signing the mar, and an assessment sheet.

    Whereever possible, if I sign that I did something in a specific way on the mar, then I Will write: 2400, Meds given via Gt with 5cc h20 flush (see MAR). Or at the beginning of my note "Full pt assessment completed, (see Assessment data sheet) Results WNL. I see NO reason to re-write everything I have just written on the assessment section...and my agency has never required that. The reason that I will say (see assessment data sheet or See MAR) is that in the event my note was ever reviewed by "The powers that be", then they will know for sure that their is another section to my paperwork that goes with the do i know if the office would supplie all necessary documents otherwise?

    So basically my narritive is AS short as I can humanly make it...I give a timeline for what I do, when and why, as well as any abnormal events that would not be charted elsewhere...Such as "Gt care provided per order (see MAR). Trace amount serosanguinous drainage on old dressing. No visable open areas, redness or swelling at gt stoma, pt denies tenderness." I see no need to write out "Gt stoma cleansed with 1/2 str h202, rinsed with distilled h20 and dabbed dry. New sterile 2 by 2 applied...if I had to sign my name to a mar sheet that said that this was exactly what i did.

    I am open to critizism if anyone sees an issue with this..I am always concerned with my charting.

    Perhaps a good follow-up question would be.."Why does my employer ask me to double and triple chart?" I would like to know too!

  • Jan 14 '12

    *Last night, while making my 51 year old patient feed herself her own pills (in applesauce)*

    Patient: I want you to do it for me!
    Me: You are perfectly capable of holding the spoon, you ate dinner by yourself tonight didn't you?
    Patient: I KNOW I can do it by myself! That's why you should do it for me
    Me: Well, when you go home you are going to have to do things on your own. Part of my job is to help you become more independent.

    Here is the clincher:
    Patient...with tears for dramatic effect: You nurses are getting lazier and lazier every day! Putting more work on the patient...

    If that is the only time I get called a lazy nurse I am doing my job right

  • Dec 15 '11

    I don't play that stupid game. When the tried it at my last hospital I told them I MIGHT condider it when I saw the neuro, ortho & CV surgeons reciting the script. Then I walked out of the meeting and dropped my scripting card in the trash. Several older nurses did the same and it all came to nothing. It was easy for me to do as I was just casual at that hospital and didn't need the job to make a living. Even if I did I still would follow the stupid script but I might not have left in such a dramatic fashion.

  • Dec 15 '11

    Hate them, hate them, hate them! We got laminated cards we were supposed to use. I think the original intent was for us to memorize them. I chose the evil employee route. I would take them out and hold them up to my face and read them to the patient with as little inflection as possible. What could they say, I was following the letter of the law. My patients would crack up!!

  • Dec 15 '11

    Quote from TheCommuter
    "Your doctor is very good!"
    In nursing school,while discussing therapeutic communication (which nurses, as a whole, do not do all that well...but I digress) we were specifically taught not to say this, particularly when the pt saying something to the effect of "I don't know much about that doctor....I hope I will be all right." Saying this ("he is a great doctor") makes the pt think you are ignoring their feelings and that you don't want to talk about their fears, etc.....ahh, nursing school.

    Anyway, in the ER I can envision a conversation with a patient being discharged; Me: "thank you for choosing us today for your healthcare needs, I hope you choose us in the future. Your excellent care today was provided by nurse XXX and by Dr. DDD. Please have a safe trip home." Pt would then say "hey, I came in by ambulance for my sore throat, I need a taxi slip for a ride home!" Me: "I'm terribly sorry sir, we do not have the ability to provide transportation home. But it was our pleasure to serve you today. We hope you enjoyed the quality services we provided to you." Pt: "You ******* I need a way home! And a turkey sandwich! (for the *s, insert your favorite crude name) And quit telling me how wonderful this ****hole ER is."

    Point is, I think it would be pretty silly (stupid?) to try and go with a script for most of our ER pts.