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    Im 33 and no longer a first year RN! When I changed careers, I really thought I would be alone as a male in this field... WRONG! My unit alone has 6 other RNs that are guys. If you are wondering if nursing is for you, dont subscribe to gender issues!

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    Clarification: The physicians are so nice to me, I mean it! The majority of the nursing staff, as I mentioned before are wonderful too. There are a number of people on the nursing (RN, CNA, LPN, Aides etc) group that are the issue.

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    Shay, did that develop over time? (or has this been your approach since the start?). Your feedback also makes sense, so thanks too!

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    Sounds like good advice. I appreciate your response.

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    Good Morning,
    I just got back from a rough night at work and I'm kind of upset about it. I work someplace that I love. I work with wonderful patients, and some fantastic nurses. The upside is that since finishing school, I have learned so much (honestly). The downside is the bullying that seems to go on with new people. I feel like I need to be on guard all the time. I wonder if this is a right of passage that some of you have dealt with.

    Any advice?