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    does anyone know of any good home care or home hospice care jobs/organizations in north jersey? if so, do you know the location and their approx. starting salary?

    i live in essex co. but work in ny. the commute is gonna get rougher with a family and i think its time to make the transition. any help is appreciated.


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    I know it's been asked before, but how much are Nurses making in NJ now??

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    I am currently working in NYC, but will be moving to NJ. I am in the process of reciprocating my license to the State of NJ.

    Does anyone know what the typical per visit rate or salary for Home Care Nurses in New Jersey? To be specific- Northern NJ?

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    I'll be moving to NJ next month, but I'm going to commute to NYC. I find the cost of living is not that much less in NJ, but the nursing salaries are.

    I would love to work in the same state that I am living, but I feel I have no choice. Any advice?

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    I am a new member from NY/NJ. I was wondering if there are any Hospice Home Care Nurses out there.

    I found my passion with Home Care and I was recently offered a position in Hospice Home Care with a large company. The role seemed very challenging, but exciting as I love treating patients at home. However, I had questions as to the differences between an Acute Home Care visit and a Hospice Home Care visit. Can anyone offer some assistance? Thank you. :smiletea: