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I started out like most nurses, on the med surg floor. I made the move to ICU after a year and many applications and defeat. I was told I needed experience, how could I get that if I wasn't given the opportunity?! Anyway, I was hired for an open heart unit, I learned so much, so fast. I worked with some of the best nurses I have ever worked with and the best manager I have had to date and that was 14 years ago!!
My husband, son, and I moved to Knoxville, TN area in 2004. I worked in the ICU there for a year, but due to the staffing issues, I changed to the operating room. I regretted this decision immediately and for quite some time. It took at least a year, but I love working in the OR now. There are days that seem unbearable, but I cannot imagine doing anything else without going back to school. I would love to get back to school for Nurse Practioner, but money is an issue at this time. We moved to Seattle, WA 7/2013 and I will never leave the west coast, I feel so at home here!!

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Registered Nurse
OR: General, DIEP flaps, HIPEC, NEURO
15 years
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