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    I have found this to be true as well being a traveler working in the ED. I usually work trauma centers, I have TNCC and ATCN as well certified with doing EJ's, art and fem sticks. I am also Triage First trained as well and I do SANE. The trauma centers I usually work requires travelers to have TNCC and PALS but will not allow travelers in traumas. It was ok for the first two assignments because I didnt know the trauma teams, nor the trauma policies for those facilities. If I didnt have my home job in my level one teaching facility that I work in between assignments, I would have lost all my trauma skills.

    I have learned that in traveling, specifically in the ED, you are either given the most sickest patient (ICU hold waiting on bed assignment), or you are given the psych holds waiting on placement. There was an assignment I completed where they started putting me in the critical area towards the end of my assignment. They asked if I wanted to extend if I would be willing to continue to work in their overflow trauma and critical area. I declined.

    When I interview for an assignment, I will ask how many patients are holding in the ED and does that facility uses travelers to take care of those patients. I will also ask what is expected of the traveler in relevant to the skills they are requiring of the traveler.

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    Quote from kendriabRN
    Hey Loves, I have been talking with my recruiter about assignments in California, the only thing that I'm worried about is transportation. Do you all usually rent a car when you arrive or drive to your destination? Is it worth getting a rental? From where I live now its like a 1 1/2 day drive to California.
    I drove my car from Missouri to California ALONE and it took me 2 1/2 days. You will need a car, especially if you are going to be in Southern Ca, like LA.

    I leave my car in storage in California when I fly back home to Missouri. I still have my home jobs and go back home for 1 month between contracts.

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    What agency is offering this?

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    I just got scammed on Craigslist so be careful. I've used Craigslist in the past without a problem, but it's a first time for everything.

    Some travelers at my current assignment told me about travelershaven. I have been in contact with them for my next assignment. They will bill you weekly and there are no upfront costs. They will find you short term leases, fully furnished and will even pay for a deposit. They have an entire department devoted to traveling nurses. Also, the leases are not put in your name, it's put into the company's name.

    The other suggestion is furnishedfinder. I have not spoken with them directly, but one traveler swears by them and only uses them for housing. She says it's the same thing, no upfront costs and they will provide furnished housing. If you have found something on Craigslist or Airbnb, they will also investigate it and provide payment directly to the landlord/owner.

    Hopefully, one of these choices works out for you. Good luck!

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    My next assignment will be in the LA area in mid-January and I've already found housing on Craigslist. One bedroom fully furnished apartment in Tuluca Lake 20 minutes from the hospital. All inclusive for 1500/month, including a garage. Landlord only prefer to rent to travelers for short term. I also found a few more options that were a little more expensive, but in great locations.

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    Quote from perfexion
    I'm with an agency now that does not provide housing at all, just stipends. I asked them for help finding housing and they gave me a link to Craigslist. Other than that I have no idea where to begin. I'm going to Fresno so there are no resorts or VRBO listings. I'm going to take a chance on Craigslist but I'm kinda nervous. Any other advice?
    I just did a 13 week assignment in Fresno CA at Community Regional. Don't know if that's where you will be or not. I rented a two bedroom furnished condo in the Riverpark Area. Found it on Craigslist. Paid 1300/month all inclusive. Was in a great gated community and 15 minutes from the hospital.

    I still have the contact information for the landlord. However, I think it may be rented already started in January through April, but you can PM me for more info and I will check with her to see if the other travel nurse fell through.

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    I will be taking my third travel assignment in LA, my third one in California. Found really affordable housing for LA on Craigslist. Not a room, nor roommates. I will be there mid-January.

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    I called this recruiter first thing on Monday morning. At first I got his voicemail. I left a message and he called me back almost immediately after I hung up from leaving the voicemail.

    I told him to not further submit me for any jobs and I would appreciate if he would just remove my application all together. I also explained I am not interested in interviewing with the manager of the ED for the job he submitted me for. I also told him I am in the process of being submitted with another travel company and I will most likely go with them.

    He listened but never asked me why I felt the way I did. He then proceeded to tell me if I needed his services in the future to let him know. I politely told him I don't think I will be going with his company for future submissions. I ended the call with "have a nice day" and hung up.

    I have never had this type of experience with a recruiter before. It sure is a lesson learned, if red flags exist during the initial call to not even proceed any further. There are just too many other travel companies out there.

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    Quote from NedRN
    Having a third and fourth and fifth agency is indeed a good idea. Picking an agency at random no matter the recruiter is not. Call multiple agencies and choose the recruiters that you do fit well with. Don't sign up with ones you don't like, then they cannot submit you.

    Not sure I understand your question here. If you don't fit well with a recruiter, why continue? Do you have the same pattern with other relationships in your life? If so, you have a bigger problem you should recognize and address.
    My question was if I should go ahead with the interview. I've told this recruiter that I didnt want to interview since I will not be going out into January. And his response was "you can discuss that during the interview".

    After I made this post, I decided that I was gonna call him first thing on Monday morning and tell him that it's just not working out and I'm not interested in working with his company any longer. Just never had an experience like that with a recruiter before.

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    Hello all!

    I am an experienced travel nurse and I'm signed up with two agencies. On the advice on another traveler, I decided to sign up for a third agency. From the get go, I felt this recruiter and I just did not "click".

    I was very direct about my needs, explaining I am currently at home working until January. I advised I am NOT available until after the second week in January because I am signed up on the schedule for my home job.

    For starters, I feel he just don't listen. His personality is very aggressive and he literally called me three times back to back while I was filling out my application and doing the online requirements to make sure I "was doing them". I also provided two professional references (the ones I use all the time), along with their e-mail addresses and he called one of the references several times, leaving several messages. Then he proceeded to call me and asked for a personal cell phone number for the reference and I told him I will not provide that info, he will need to e-mail them, as I have provided an e-mail address on both references.

    Fast forward to yesterday, I come out the gym to check my phone, I have two messages from him stating he has submitted me to a hospital in CA, and I need to get back with him ASAP because they want to interview me TODAY. We have not discussed anything about submission. While I'm checking the e-mail, he is calling me, I answer and he gives me the PERSONAL cell phone number for the the ED manager and instruct me to call her ASAP for an interview. I asked him a series of questions like what type of hospital it is, (he could not answer if teaching or non teaching), I asked him what is it for days or nights (he didnt know, states you can ask the manager during the interview), I asked him if it was for 36 or 48 hours, again, he couldn't answer.

    Meanwhile, I got two messages from the ED manager for an interview, all while I was working in the ED. I called the recruiter back and told him I'm working in the ED, assigned to trauma, and there is no way I can possible sit down for a 30 minute interview unless it's on my lunch break and I have other business calls I need to make. I also expressed I feel like I'm being strong armed into giving an interview.

    This recruiter has since called FIVE MORE TIMES during my work day and left several messages. I do not want to do the interview and I want to cut ties with this company all together, considering I'm just not feeling their business practices.

    Any advice? BTW, my other company has submitted me for another job I really want in Southern CA and I like my recruiter at this company. It's like a day and night difference.

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    I just did something like this myself in my last assignment. I'm an ED nurse and I took an assignment that paid very well, but I hated it! In my opinion, it wasn't ED nursing, especially what I was used to. So, I stuck it out for the entire contract and then came back home to keep my ED/Trauma skills up.

    If you really need the money, I would say stick it out for another 4 weeks or so, if not, then you know what you need to do.

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    I just finished up my second assignment in California. Heading home for two months, will be in LA in January. Anybody who is going to be in the LA area in January, feel free to PM me.

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    Quote from sc0811
    Where are you at shoegal?
    Right now I'm finishing up an assignment in Central California.

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    I've been traveling in CA for 6 months now, northern CA (Bay area) pays alot more than Southern CA.

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    Quote from raindrop
    Thanks everyone , I decided not to go this route. I am going to rent a furnished townhome for 950.00. Its more than what I wanted to spend, but I need peace-of mind.
    It may be more than you wanted to spend, but you can't put a price on peace of mind.

    I know it's important to me to have my own space, so I may spend more than the average traveler with my housing, but it's so worth it to me to not have to deal with another person eating my food, or playing music while I sleep, etc.