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  • Oct 4 '12

    i feel the same. wrote it in toronto yesterday. studied very hard. in hindsight, have no idea how i would of studied differently. give me another few months and it wouldn't of mattered. of course, i didn't remember everything and know i got some knowledge based questions wrong, and probably didn't read some other questions correctly. i have no idea how many i got correct and am trying not to over analyse. just feel as above, always at least 2 right answers, questions vague and ambiguous.

    due to the new rule changes in ontario, i was only afforded 1 effort to pass the exam as the new rule change affects my 'recent practice' (changes from 5 to 3 years). am an ien and have been living here, not working as a rn for nearly 3 years (the cno have taken a very long time of that 'assessing' my application - leaving me with little time to sit exams). so should i fail, i have to meet other criteria again before i can re-sit (though it has not been decided how this will be done from what i have been told). so, i would be feeling very hard done by if results don't go my way. the fact that i was only given this information about the rule change a few weeks before the exam does not help. my initial study plan was try by myself for the 1st exam, see how i do. was fairly confident in my experience, knowledge and ability to test well. if i fail, i would apply to re-sit but take some kind of prep course too. if i would of known that i would only have 1 chance (before i have to meet new requirements) i would of done the prep course too.

    oh well, nothing to be done about it now. good luck to you all!

  • Jul 21 '12

    where do u live harjit...I am in Brampton..we can study together in the library if intersted..

  • Jun 8 '12

    Quote from farpadana

    Tanx . What about nurseseducation' have you heard of them?
    Hello there when is your group getting together for studying

  • Jun 6 '12

    How's the exam guys? Goodluck and Godbless to all of the CRNE June 2012 takers! You can do it!

  • Jun 5 '12

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