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    My receipt notice date is Sept 2007. My girlfriend and I have been planning to get married by October 2008. If my I-140 will be approved and the visa fee bill sent and paid before we get married, will I be able to include her in my DS-230 if ever we are already married by the time that I received the DS-230? Or do I have to pay first for her visa fee bill before she can be included? As much as possible, I would like us to leave together or hoped that she can follow in six months time. Please advise and thank you very much to all who will respond.

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    Ah ok, I misinterpreted it. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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    Here's the link for the chart : Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-140 -

    Any comment will be highly appreciated, thanks

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    Thanks for the reply, however, I've read in the website of uscis, that effective July 30, 2007, they are accepting premium processing for I-140 and I-129. Here's the link, please help me out if I didn't get it right...

    Here's the other link:

    Pls. enlighten me. Thanks

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    Hi, I am going thru consular processing. My I-140 was filed with notice of receipt on March 2007. The last time I checked on-line, as of July 18, 2007, Nebraska VC is processing those with NOR of September 2006 so I estimated the waiting time for my I-140 approval of about 6 months more, at least. Texas VC is faster as they are already processing NOR of January 2007 (same cut-off period of July 2007).

    As I browsed the USCIS web, there was this chart for the new fee schedule and the direct filing services for I-140 effective July 30, 2007 which is more specific. When before the I-140s were filed at NVC and then later on transferred to Texas VC, now, depending on the place of permanent employment, the I-140 should be filed on the specific service center.

    For someone like me who's petitoned to work in Connecticut, my I-140 was filed at Nebraska VC with case no. LINxxxx. On the direct filing services chart, starting July 30, 2007, petitions whose permanent place of employment is CT should file at the Texas service center!!! Will my I-140 petition be transferred to TexasVC?

    How about if apply for premium processing now??? Will it expedite the processing of my papers if I get I-140 approval before October 1, 2007? Or it will not matter as my petition will still be stucked with the retrogression??? Can you give me some advice??? Thanks a lot...

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    VSC is now sent via DHL. In the Philippines, you'll receive the VSC 3-4 days after it was picked up by DHL from CGFNS office. You can track it(tracking no. viewed on the order status or emailed to your email address) as you view your order status from CGFNS website or on the email you'll receive from CGFNS.

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    Hi, my friend applied to Vermont and passed the nclex last Oct 2006. A license was issued to her. Unfortunately, RN license in vermont has to be renewed every march 31 of an odd year. Therefore, her newly issued license expired last March 31, 2007. She applied for a renewal and it was renewed. BTW - she's still here in the Philippines, caught up in the retrogression and has no SSN yet.

    I hope this info will help..... cheers.

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    Hi, I have just browsed the website of Vermont OPR and when I checked the status of my application, on the box where it is stated : "Approved to Take Exam" - 3/30/2007. Does it mean that I can now register with Pearsonvue for my ATT? I'm quite confused coz there is still this box for - "Made Eligible to take Exam" - (and there is still no date) - What does it mean??? Anybody, please help, I'm confused!!! Thanks

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    Hi lilove and Ric13, my friends and I had submitted our application documents last nov. 28
    Our school credentials were received by the NM BON 3 weeks earlier, but up to now we still have no information about our application.. We have emailed Ms. Sabrina Vidaurri several times ( but no reply received from her) and tried calling her up, but only a recorded message answers with directions to just email Ms. Vidaurri....

    It's really frustrating.... On their procedure-instructions, it says that if after 60 days, there is no information on the status of the application, we should call or email Ms. Vidaurri....But how can I when they do not answer nor reply via telephone or emails. It has been 89 days now and still no information on the status of our applications --- should there be some missing or lacking documents which need to be submitted, they should inform the frustrating, indeed!!!

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    Hi Ms. Suzanne.... I have applied for a CES and had just mailed my documents and payment last January. However, the pronouncement of CGFNS that June 2006 passers of the Phil. Board exam states that we have to retake tests 3 and 5. Will my application for a CES be affected??? I have submitted the form for Request for Validation of Registration/License for CES to PRC and I believe they have also sent it to CGFNS.

    Will CGFNS accept the Validation for Registration/License from PRC considering that it is a "validation" of the EXISTENCE of the license and registration and not the conformity of the licensure to US standards as their requirement for the Visa Screen Certificate???

    Am just worried that even the issuance of a CES Certificate will be affected by the pronouncemet of the CGFNS.

    For whatever it is worth, and whatever is the decision of the agencies concerned, I am re-taking Tests 3 and 5 and BE DONE WITH IT. That 2006 Phil Board Exam had already caused too much grief and stress!!!

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    Yes, Ms. Sabrina said that the CES is an option, not a requirement. Also, for those who are still waiting for their transcripts to be evaluated first before submitting their application, fingerprints and fees, Ms. Sabrina also said that you have to submit them before commencing evaluation of your transcripts.

    I am on the same boat as most of you. According to the FEDEX tracker, my transcripts sent by my school were received by the NM BON last Nov. 10 and am waiting for the transcript evaluation. After 2 wks I inquired if they have already received my transcipts, they told me to send also my application/fingerprint cards and fees so that it can be evaluated.

    So, better send them now, rather than wait to complete the 35 days.

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    How about the question about the practice of nursing for 120 days/960 hours or 50 days/400 hours. Does it need to be filled out?

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    For clarification, THE PHILIPPINE SUPREME COURT HAS NOT SAID ANYTHING about the leakage issue. Several parties led by the UST group of Prof. Tadle (President of UST Faculty) had filed an appeal to the decision of the Court of Appeals allowing the Oathtaking and Registration of the June 2006 NLE passers. But that's it at the moment.....Court hearings on the appeal is on-going.... but NO WORD OR RULING CAME FROM THE SUPREME COURT THAT LICENCES NOT BE ISSUED!!!! In fact, registration and issuance of licenses for those who passed the June 2006 NLE are on-going!!!