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    Bwa-ha-ha!!!!! Hijack away!!! This is the BEST thread EVER!!!!
    Hope nobody takes offense at my blatant abuse of punctuation.................!!

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    I have, for years, referred to the perpetually petulant as "offendinistas"

    Oh, how I LOVE this line......perpetually petulant.......offendinistas...... How cool!!! thanks!!

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    Don't waste one minute worrying about it!

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    Quote from BlkQueenLPN
    Shame is I understood all of it...except bse and mmse. What was that??
    I'm thinking BSE = baseline swallowing eval, since it's attached to ST................
    MMSE has been clarified earlier in the thread

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    But do they allow CAT scans in hospice???!!!

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    Quote from liebling5
    . In fact, it was a norm here in the US just a generation ago to just do as you were told regarding health care. Some of the "old timers" here remember this.
    I remember when it was also thought that the woman who had delivered a stillborn would ' do better' if she never saw or held the baby. That also was a 'norm' back then which was not beneficial to the patient.... Sometimes progress is a good thing and deception or avoidance are not......

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    My sincere empathy to both of you, but want to reassure you that this is NOT a new situation. I graduated in 81, my family wanted to throw a party and I wouldn't let them send invitations until I was absolutely positive and had confirmation in hand that I had passed the last semester ( and like your wife, I had done well throughout). This same situation of failing at the very last minute without warning has happened to WAY too many people over the years........
    Sorry it caught both of you because it is not only a shame that it happened, but it does destroy life plans...

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    Beautiful... simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing !

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    [quote]. Only 300 some odd people died from swine flu in the US, and they had chronic illnesses (at least this is what I am aware of), anyhow. quote]

    Here is a recent tragic newspaper article that shows that even the young, without chronic illnesses, can become victims of this disease.... a brother and sister in Indiana have died of the disease within weeks of each other.

    So very sad.........

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    Well......... having an exacerbation would CAUSE exasperation .......

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    Have you heard people pronounce ask or asked as AX or AXED? ( as in: I axed him a question.)

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    Hey, thanks for your interesting points of view! I did enjoy the danish and haven't died yet, so I guess it worked out alright................ might have been the massive doses of vanc I took after I left the bakery
    Just wondered what y' all thought!

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    This isn't an earthshaking or vitally important nursing question but I'm curious to know if I'm being a bit overboard in this! Saturday morning I went to the bakery to get my weekend supply of danish and the clerk grabbed each one with a piece of paper, then threw all the papers in the box with the danish! Am I just too goofy for asking her to get all that paper out of the box? All I could think of were creepy-crawly bacteria all over my goodies! The nurse in me kept repeating clean to clean, dirty to dirty, etc! I know it might be standard bakery practice but......... Would love your input! Does this bother anyone else?

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    Are we in some wierd repeating time warp here?
    This thread started in April, 2002, and since then La-a, abcd, and of course the jello kids have appeared at least weekly. Since everyone *knows* that these are actual babies they must be on the way to the most common names list by now!!

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    To previous poster !
    The main concern seems to be about breast augmentation , but you know, there are lots of other procedures to be had. I think much more kindly about such things at my age now than I did when I was younger and everything was in it's proper place. Bring on the free facelift and blephroplasty.... I'd sign up too !!!