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  • Feb 20

    The first day I was on the floor in nursing school, I walked into a pt room where a nurse was starting an IV on a pt. I have never seen anything like it to this day - she must have hit an artery, because blood spurted out all over the place. I felt dizzy and knew I was about to pass out, and went to lean against the wall, when I went down hard. I hit my hand on the way down and broke it, and was carted off to xray to get it filmed. Talk about humiliation! But, the silver lining was the cute guy who worked in xray...I guess he figured I needed taking care of, because we started talking, eventually dated, married, had a couple of kids, and just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last year! Also, have been a nurse that whole time, and, as you can tell by my screen name, am an IV nurse myself.
    Hang in there - it does get easier, the queasiness passes, and you never know who you might meet in radiology