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    Hi All,

    I'm hoping to spend a year in New Zealand and don't know whether to go through an agency or not. I need to find out what my options are as I am 33 and too old for a working holiday visa.

    I don't want to spend my whole year working in one place, as I would like to spend some time travelling in both islands.

    I would love to hear if anyone has any top tips or advice for me.

    I have been working in A and E for 3 years in one of the teaching hospitals in London, and would Ideally hope to work in A and E in New Zealand.

    Cheers and Beers

    Wee bonnie lass

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    Thanks Tim

    I'm hoping to go to New Zealand in August. I'm in the early stages of planning and would love to chat to you. I will email you

    Ann (Bonnie wee lass)