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    Curious as L&D RN's, would u recommend pt's get spinal or epidurals for c/s? Also, anything suggestions on what to ask the OB before re: meds, scar, etc?

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    I truly appreciate your replies. To answer the question about what phase the trials are in, some are phase 2 but I'm am not honestly acquainted with any yet. the department is in a state of flux and there is not a lot of resourceful people I can go to so unfortunately a lot of it i believe will be figuring it out on my own. Any resources or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks so much@!

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    I am new as a research RN. I am very unfamiliar with all the legalities of it but had been given a heads-up from a former colleague to be very careful about documentation etc. My question is, I literally just started at a hospital and within my first week was given 11 separate clinical addition, I was added as the contact nurse for trials already closed...even though I had nothing to do with them. This is very concerning to me and I'm wondering if anyone feels it's appropriate to say something. If it isn't actually a big deal, I don't want to make it an issue but I just feel I shouldn't have my name attached to anything I wasn't involved with...especially if that means I could be help accountable! Any suggestions/advice? Thank you...

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    I have been out of nursing school for almost 2 years, just got offered a position as an Oncology Research RN (no experience oncology floor experience,will train).

    However, I do have experience from a pt perspective with a family member that went thru cancer research trials so maybe that's what got me in.

    ? is, this facility has running right now 48 clinical trials ranging from breast, head&neck, lung, leukemia, prostate. I'm curious if this is an unbelievable load of work or is feasible? I am feeling quite uncertain about what the actual role will be - if it's clinical, or all paperwork etc. If anyone wouldn't mind replying or pm'ing me about their job particularly if it's in oncology, I would greatly appreciate as I am clearly clueless.

    Thanks so much!

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    Quote from traumamedic
    Also, does anyone else use them?

    I have seen them used at the hospital I will be working out in a few weeks. If you google Safe Seal diaphragm covers you will find them. I think they are even on ebay.


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    thanks for all the tips. I have actually tried them on in a store and figured if I know I'm a size 37, i might as well save some money and order them online. has a 15% discount through end of this month!

    Thanks again,

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    This is a silly question but considering I'm going to spend $100 on a pair of shoes I thought I might as well try and ask...

    I'm going to buy a pair of dansko's and tried on the professional's size 37. I was told in the store though that if I order them online I should look for the dansko professional Occupational style b/c it's a different material, will fit the same but are easier to clean fluids off of them. The website I'm looking to buy them out lists the dankso professional cabrios at $110 and the occupational box professionals at $99. The material looks softer on the occupational.

    Does anyone happen to have these or know if there is a real difference? I hate to spend this kind of money and not get what will last me the longest.


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    I took my NCLEX last month and passed with 120 questions. I believe the overwhelming majority of people that get 75 questions do pass but wanted to just share that someone I know got 75 questions and failed. I had previously heard this was almost impossible but this happened to my friend.

    I think the odds are overwhemingly with a person that at 75 they pass, but it is just something I thought I should share because I had been told it was impossible.

    Best of Luck to Everyone!!!!!!! You can do it

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    I was wondering if anyone owns one or uses something similar (sidekick? blackberry? pocketpc? palm?) at work and finds it so helpful.

    I'm thinking of getting an all-in-one device for phone/messaging/email/reference and was hoping to get some feedback and hear if it is worth it and helpful on the job.

    Starting my 1st job as a RN soon in peds onc and hoping to have a lot of reference material on me to help!


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    Quote from mccnrs2b
    so very true, specfuz. i too grew up in ny and though i will be doing my schooling in florida, i definitely plan to move back once i receive at least my bachelors, if not my master's degree.

    the thing is most people, no matter where you live nowadays, live paycheck to paycheck. living in the city, i won't need my car so while my rent may be higher, i'll save about $400 minimum. so there are definitely perks. plus i just love the energy of ny.

    specfuz, where are you going to be working when you go back? are you going to live in manhattan or one of the other boroughs? next summer, i'm hoping to do a summer internship as sloan kettering.

    mccnrs2b, pm me. i'll be starting a job at sloan kettering soon!


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    Quote from madwife2002
    Thank you for answering my question. I understand and accept that high volume of patients can cause these problems. I guess I was niave and thought all hospitals in US were like you see on TV :chuckle

    I grew up in NY and lived in NYC before going to nursing school in Tennessee. I just had to add that I just graduted in December and am moving to NYC in 2 weeks. In my experience (just 1 opinion), it is the least segregated place I've seen. Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, etc. all make me feel like there is some kind of "invisible" line segregating people.

    Yes, NYC is probably the most expensive place on the planet to live. It's a great place to live, but not for everybody. Working conditions in hospitals definitely vary depending on where you are in the country. In Nashville, RN's work 3x12 hr shifts per week. In NYC, it seems the standard for RN's to work 3x13 for 3 weeks and 1 week per month work 4x12. I would highly encourage anyone planning to move to NYC to visit first. Good Luck!

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    Quote from sagarcia210
    You cannot buy these, but they are a MUST......
    broad shoulders and a sense of humor!!!!!
    This list is great! Thanks for all the input. I especially like the pda advice and the indiglo watch idea. I never heard a hemostat called a kelly clamp in nursing school so thanks for the clue. Google is a close friend, btw, as is Froogle.

    Thanks again!

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    Quote from Jolie
    1. A friend with whom you can discuss the day without grossing each other out!

    2. An open mind

    3. The willingness to ask questions and accept constructive input.

    4. The ability to think on your feet and eat on the run.

    5. A significant other who doesn't mind dating at odd hours, since you probably won't be working days.
    Well, I feel good because I already have a few of these like:

    A significant other that doesn't mind dating odd ours (I'm married) and click pens.

    I should mention, I'll be working peds it looks like (peds onc) so anything specific to that? And now, to give you all a laugh and a moan, I have to ask...what is a kelly clip???????

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    I'm trying to decide if there is anything I need to go out and buy before I start my first job as a RN...

    My list includes so far:
    good shoes (I will look at Dansko's) & support hose

    Is there anything you can't live without that you suggest for a new RN?

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    Quote from purplemania
    I worked on a pedi floor and was cut a lot due to low census. When I got a salaried position I FINALLY had a regular paycheck. So it comes down to how many hours you will be expected to work for that salary.
    Sorry I didn't explain this but the salaried position is NOT for management. It's a Staff RN position on a regular floor! I'm also a new grad, so I am sure I would be working OT. However, I think at a certain point I have to stop driving myself crazy and take a leap of faith b/c I realize I'm not going to know which job is the best to take until I get some experience.