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    Hello all ,
    I work as Nurses Assistant in an extremely busy London Emergency Dept. where we see on average 280- 320 patients per day . As an NA , our roles are quite dynamic within the ED. We cannulate ,venepunture, plaster , perform ECG's , dressings , assist in major trauma , generally a 2nd pair of hands , eyes ,ears and legs . We are kept busy throughout the dept constantly and our shifts are long and hellish 12 1/2 hours .

    Advice is sought , As with all our staff , we have approx 95 on our rosta , i rotate onto nights . our shifts begin at 19.30-08.00

    I have worked in our dept for 3 years or so and most recently , about 2 months, i have started to feel extremely fatigued and ill during my nightshift stints . This includes not sleeping during the day , and anxiety as a result . Vomitting , the runs , sweating and shaking around 2-4 am , dizziness , pounding migraine type headaches , and visual disturbances , and to top it all off , weight gain . I wouldn't say i was depressed , but during my days off i feel blue , tired and un motivated . I have taken to raiding the drugs cupboard for a few Lorazepam in order to help me get a good sleep so that i can continue to function to an appropriate level . I hate being tired as i'm usually fit , active and always on the ball at work . I pride myself in being there when needed for my colleagues , and my ability to get on by myself with no direction needed .

    I have tried everything to maintain good physical and mental health , running , gym , healthy meals and plenty of water . However i can only manage a slow jog for 10 mins , and that is usually on my home to my bed !!! , as for eating , it either go's straight through me in 10 mins ( literally ) or comes up again in about an hour . This is not the kind of life i want to be living and i'm not quite sure how to approach my manager about requesting to come off nightshifts . I am becoming aware that my body is showing signs of not coping anymore and it pains me to admit this . I'm a young and usually fit guy at the age of 33 , but i don't feel it anymore .

    Any advice given would be sincerely appreciated , sure i'm assertive enough to approach my manager myself , though as i feel completely shattered , i tend to be rather dysphasic and don't feel 100% confident in what i am saying .

    Many thanks .