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    I am currently working as a UR/CM in ED in a trauma hospital and it's busy. I see alot of posted jobs looking for HEDIS nurse what's the difference between the two?

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    It's different and I have more responsibilities as a nurse. It's critical that you need to know what signs and symptoms, diagnosis that the payers and the CMS will accept based od their status (observation or inpatient) in order to get reimbursed.

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    Hi I just started in case ngt as well and im in my 6th week orientation already. Before I started i bought a book on case management and read alot. Milleman care guidelines and Interqual are new to me too. When I'm off I read MCG and write down things i have to know that helps me recommend a patient to be inpatient or observation. I work in the ED by the way. My experience is telemetry and med surg for 16 years and 5 years in long term care

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    Quote from denicu
    I wanted to do FHCHS RN to BSN program but i remember the counselor told me it will take 2-3 yrs to complete even with all my prerequisites. I wanted to do it in a shorter period.
    chamberlain college of nursing offers 12 courses to complete their RN-BSN prgram but it is so much expensive ($465/credit) that's why I didn't take their program. at the hospital where I work, nurses with BSN makes $4.00-5.00/hr. more than ASN/AD holders. also, in order to get a managerial position anywhere, you have to have at least a BSN degree. it's good to pursue a BS degree if you don't plan of working at the bedside all your life.this is how the hospital's Magnet status are based on. the more nurses who have pursued advance degrees, the higher chance the hospital of getting their Magnet.

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    i am just confused. you said U of wyoming online charges $100/hour isn't it by credit? do you mean, once you go online for discussion, that's how they charge their students? please clarify.... thanks.[

    quote=lyv33]The University of Wyoming online RN to BSN Program is less than $100 per hour. You do have to pay a $40 per hour online fee for each course, but this still makes it the lowest cost program.[/quote]

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    i'm surprised that girl still works in the hospital. nurse or not, she doesn't have the authority to look into other patient's info or talk about it outside of work. one nursing assistant who was found looking into a patient's chart for her medical record number because she just drew lab on this patient got fired immediately for violation of HIPAA law. what she should have done is ask the primary nurse of that patient's med. rec. no.

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    I don't think this warrants her termination from her job. I know 2 nurses who work with me. Both nurses have back issues too. Both are in pain med. the female is on percocet and the guy is on oxytoxin. the female was caught stealing percocet I guess she ran out of her own med. and the guy was caught stealing from his patient. he said he gave the pain med to the patient but the patient said otherwise. The two nurses were subjected for counseling and rehabilidtation for 6 months-one year. both had to work as unit clerks on the floor. once they completed their rehab they returned to work. and got their work back. this happened here in the east coast.

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    my first job was in a LTC. It was summer and there was John who was yelling on top of his lungs, very angry. so when I went to the room, a CNA was there with him trying to help him. I asked him what he wanted and he said, " I need a blow job, don't you have any fan around that will cool this place down?
    I was hysterically laughing....
    another one in the same place.
    an elderlywoman was being helped by CNA to go to the bathroom, i overheard the resident telling the CNA, "you dont need to wash me as I don't really use it".. you know what she meant

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    i was asked ; " where will you be in 5 years?" what is your long term plan? What qualities do you have to be part of our team?
    I answered, " Im planning to continue my studies, maybe take bridge program of BSN-MSN, and find any managerial position that fits my education, im a fast learner, hard-worker, and willing to learn new things,... I got the job!

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    yes, we're back to our patients' bedside. but we have to attend a 2hour seminar before Thursday. and not only that. those nurses who took contracts from agencies during the strike will be accommodated by the hospital unitl they completed the contract upon submission of proofs. the hospital is also holding a marathon of ACLS and BLS certifications during this period. so, everybody is doing its duties. RWJUH is due for triannual DOH inspection hence the seminars.
    our increase is retroactive from July 31st and it will be seen in our first paycheck in October. Thanks to everybody who supported us, the nurses, during the strike. It was difficult but with faith and solidarity, our rights prevail. The nurses will be holding a hand-in-hand march on Sept. 21 prior to start of the shift (6:30AM). after all, we stood together till the end.

    Consummatum est (it is done!)

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    Quote from MrMojo
    Is it including Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology & Psychology?
    I took English in 2002 so I'm good .

    Thank you!
    You may get credits on these subjects too, depending on your LVN school. For RN, you will have to have at least a grade of C on each subject to get credits again, depending on your school. I know someone from my class who went to nursing in Russia but still had to take Pediatrics because she didn't have enough credits. But the rest of her nursing classes and the rest of her prerequisites were all credited. My advice is to see the guidance counselor of the RN school you are planning to attend and have your transcript evaluated by him/her and he/she will tell you what you miss.
    just want to ask why take LVN when you already have credits for RN? you know whatever you took up in LVN will never be credited to your RN. cuz LVN scope of practice is different from RN.Again, im talking through experience. they teach you differently.
    I took LPN because I wasn't sure if Nursing was the one I wanted to do. Years went by and I loved it. That's when I took RN. I should have just jumped into RN than spending 2 years in LPN. and the pay difference is alot. hence: LPN 19-27/hr RN 29-32/hr. depending on the facility.

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    Quote from ldshaw
    Could someone give me some insight into the average pay scale for LVNs in Sacramento? I have had two job interviews and the pay seems SO low. Per Diem is high of course, but I was looking for full time. With the cost of Daycare, why work if my whole check will just pay for daycare? If I could know what some of the others in the LVN field are getting perhaps I can have more fuel in the interviews. Thanks
    My friend lives in the East coast and was an LPN.
    she started at 15/hr back in 1995 at LTC. she was able to get into an acute care hospital and started at 19/hr. now she's making 27/hr which is the astrting rate for new grad RN here. agency pays as much as $37/hr.
    Her husband was relocated to West Covina and she had to move as well.she was so disappointed that despite her years of experience she's just making $19.75/hr. (back to squareone).

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    Quote from MrMojo
    Hello everyone,
    My name is Dmiriy. I'm starting 14 months LVN program on September 25th.
    After graduation in November of 2007 and passing NCLEX i plan to star LVN-RN program as soon as possible. I attended Nursing School in Russia for almost 16 months full time and completed most(all) of my prerequisites (incl. Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Math, PE). Since i didn't graduate from nursing school in Russia i do not have a complete diploma however i do have an official Transcript from that Nursing School .
    Also from August 2000 - June 2003 i studied in the Moorpark College, CA as International Student. I had takken few Social Science classes, Humanities, Math and English. I also have official transcript from there.
    The question is will my international prerequisites be accepted here in California @ any LVN-RN program or i have to start everything from zero?
    Thank you,
    Los Angeles, CA
    you may get credits from social sciences, math and electives depending on your school. but you will have to take English courses no matter what. im talking through experience. goodluck...

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