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    I am assuming that the salary is in dhirams. You need to work it out and compare it to what you were making in the UK! Is that salary based on your years of experience etc? Did you negotiate your salary?
    I also want to go to Abu Dhabi, a hospital near to me is actually building a hospital there and it should be finished in approx two years, hence my interest. I think the director there at SKMC is an American? I am not sure..

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    Hie ARYS1075.
    I am also an OR nurse with 26 yrs experience. i am thinking about Dubai also. How did you get recruited there and did you have to pass their board of nursing exams?
    Thank you

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    Does anyone have information in working in Abu Dhabi or Dubai? I would love to know about (of course,) salary and contract options. Also, do you need a BSN to work there. I have mine but a friend of mine does not. (I am almost finished with my Masters in Nursing Education).
    Thank you to anyone who has any current info!

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    Most nurses will get their procedures started and then let you observe more closely once the patient is asleep, prepped, draped and the surgical time-out is done. It is more important that you don't touch anything and just watch until the opportunity arises to be able to ask questions. The nurses and the staff are not ignoring you in the room; they are just focused on patient safety and getting the case started.
    Enjoy your operating room experience!

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    Absolutely no problem at all getting a job as a ADN nurse. However, you never know what life will bring so if you have the chance to go for your BSN, do it! At most it will add maybe a year to your current training and what is a year? No matter how long you have the drive and ambition to be a floor nurse, it wears you down and then you start thinking how best you can continue day in and day out. Having your degree will allow you opportunities now without having the added stress and added cost of returning to school when you are much older.
    I have been an OR nurse for twenty-six years and I absolutely love what I do. I work in a trauma center with 20 operating rooms, and I work nights. It is getting harder and harder to run around setting up supplies, running when there is a trauma bleeding out on the table etc. I have less than a year left on my Masters. and i intend to go into education.
    Whatever you decide I wish you all the best.:spin: