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    Hello cclife06, siri, cardiacRN2006,

    Although the following information may be alarming, the good news is Valley Fever is now on the radar with the State of Arizona. In addition VFCE (ASU/VA) Dr. Galgiani will begin clinical human trials in the next year with nikkomycin z. Nikkomycin Z has been proven in mice to kill Valley Fever. Dr. Galgiani is the world expert on Valley Fever, VFCE in Tucson, AZ.

    Now for some alarming information. More people have died from Valley Fever then West Nile Virus or SARS combined worldwide. Valley Fever has up to a 50% fatality rate for persons of dark skin (phillipino's) and women pregnant in their third trimester. In 1996 the Federal Government labeled Valley Fever a bio terror hazard/weapon. After 9/11 in 2001 the Federal Government upgraded Valley Fever to class 2, equal to the Ebola virus. The State of Arizona has stayed quiet about Valley Fever until 2006. The State of Arizona quietly passed legislation making the State immune to law suits filed beyond the 180th day, after one discovers they have contracted Valley Fever.

    [The Arizona Daily Star newspaper in Tucson reported last month that cases of Valley Fever are spiking across the state, with a record 4,000 reported cases possible by the year's end. But a study says the true count could reach 30,000 because many cases of pneumonia are valley fever in disguise, the Daily Star said.]

    The key is the medical community becoming educated, the need for testing of Valley Fever. Only one test can detect Valley Fever, the comp fixation blood test. Not every negative is accurate, but every positive is. The sooner it is properly identified combined with new trial treatments, the better the outcome. I've received numerous emails, even from a Doctor in Germany, who asked if she could have Valley Fever symptoms coming back 30 years after her initial symptoms, the answer was yes. It is now understood, immunity after catching Valley Fever is not true. Symptoms can surface 20 years later.

    On a positive note, staying focused on Dr. Galgiani's work seems the solution.

    Best Regards,