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    Thank you! I think I may just do that!

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    Is there an RN job where you are like a float nurse where you'd spend several months on each different unit throughout the hospital.

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    A patient has fallen on the floor.

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    1) team work is so important
    2) you can't make everyone happy
    3) I can eat a candy bar while cleaning poo
    4) the pt knows their body better than anyone
    5) there are no breaks

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    Quote from tlackey
    I'm taking my boards next week, and am a little overwhelmed with all the study materials available. When I review books like Saunders or Mosby's, I feel like I'm redoing all the stuff I already studied in Med/Surg or Pharmacology. So I've been doing questions in the books and on the CD-ROMs, and I've been doing okay, but I've heard from other people who've taken the test that a lot of it is pure critical thinking and common sense more than memorized information.

    Did you study for weeks on end? Do you think it helped or it wouldn't have mattered? Or did you not study much at all, and felt you should have studied more or were glad you didn't study too much?
    Were do you go to take the exam? I am in an RN program, but have enough credits to be a LPN. I want to take the boards now, but I can't sign up for a test because I haven't graduated from a school. How do I work this out and take the boards w/ enough credits?

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    Quote from wasted-enough-time
    Hi all..

    Just asking...are there any other PN/LPN students here? Either currently attending or soon to attend...or even those who "want" to attend??....

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))
    PN here. Thinking of taking my LPN boards before I am done w/ RN.

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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    I carry liquid Dove soap in a small bottle and I use that or the alcohol gel at work. Soap just kills my skin. Why the alcohol gel doesn't seem to bother them that much, I have no idea.

    If I forget my Dove soap even one night, my hands get itchy and crack open (ouch!), and I have to use hydrocortisone cream to get them healed up.

    PS A good friend of mine has the same problem, but it's not caused by soap or alcohol gel. In her case, the powder in the Latex gloves was the culprit, and she found that switching to the vinyl gloves worked for her.
    Cetaphil !!!!
    No fragrance and very gentle. Avoid lotions that have protroleum in them. Protroleum breaks down the proteins in gloves that act as the barrier to protect us from germs, blood.....
    Cetaphil is great. I even use it on my face!!
    Avon has a lot og good choices too.

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    Great job!! K is not something you mess w/. It takes guts to go against a doctors order. You acted as an advocate for your patient and they will be thankful to have you as their nurse.

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    You want a good college.....TC3 in Dryden.
    "Tompkins Cortland Community College."

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    Bu isn't really all that great. I went to Broome Community College. You get a great experience there. As a freshman, I was teaching seniors at BU so much. I was shocked that they knew so little. At BCC we start clinicals our first semester. BU doesn't start till there senoir year. Nurses on the floor told us that they prefered BCC students over BU anyday. We were prepared and BU needed a babysitter. NO joke !!!

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    How do you know when the NCLEX exam is offered for LPN's or RN's?

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    Hello !

    I understand your frustration with the nclex, but think of it as a learning experience. You really didn't know what to expect walking into this exam. Don't give up. Just study in the areas that you felt you were weak in. You were able to get through the RN program and you can get through the NCLEX too.

    You will be better prepared the next time you go. Less nervous too. You can do it. Be confident in yourself. Remember the hard work that got you to this point and keep it going !! Good luck !!