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    We have option of business casual with a lab coat or scrubs of set color green

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    Quote from ErinS
    There are actually very specific medicare guidelines on what your IDT meetings should include. As Tewdles said, your IDT should be concise and focused on your patients plan of care, ie. your patient's goals. In our hospice we write IDT notes the morning before IDT for our own patients, and then report based on notes and add any additional info or changes to plan of care. Our notes are based on the following info:
    Level of care (example: routine care in daughters home)
    Symptoms (example: needing increased ms for dyspnea, weaker, 1 fall, abx for UTI, etc)
    Pain management (example: pain well managed on ms contin and roxanol)
    Family coping (example: daughter at risk for caregiver burnout, son will be caring for pt beginning next week)
    Changes to plan of care
    Changes to visit schedule

    Anyways, our IDT generally covers 35-50 patients in 120-150 minutes. This includes a moment of reflection of chaplain provides, an educational overview on a specific disease provided by our MD, and a review of deaths since last IDT.
    I am relatively new to Hospice since 2/18 but have over 30 years experience .I agree with the above this is what our IDT meetings are like .My hospice averages 220 - 230 PT's .

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    Well said Kadillac .After being a nurse 30 years in hospital last 15 years in ED.Hospice is stressful to me in a very different way .I worked busy Level 2"s with our shares of trauma.I have been Hospice Casemanager now for 3 months and this was a real tough week for me.I got an 8 week orientation and I have a great team I work with .But the pts family and purpose of Hospice I totally get.I lost my Husband last year.The Hospice Team was awesome then and still are .But my Hospice uses HCHB the orderering system I find difficult .I took a pay loss to do this job.It is the correct step for me .I have only done 1 oncall shift with another nurse showing me the ropes.

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    Quote from makeitwork
    Prior to going into hospice, I simply browsed this category looking for topics that I wanted more information about on that particular day. I spent many days reading about this field of nursing because I was told, "You will know within six weeks of hospice nursing whether it is for you or not." Part of that is due to the emotional gains and drains which I find makes me grow as a person. I have been in hospice for over five years and cannot imagine myself anywhere else.

    Good luck with your decision.
    I saw Hospice first hand thru my husbands illness .I have friends who are recently relatively new to Hospice both were ED nurse as I was but after 15 years in Ed I needed a change so after my husband passed I became a Hospice Case Manager .I have only been doing this 9 weeks and I already know that it was the correct choice for me .I believe it is what I am meant to do .

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    I agree with RNBear and Cardiac Freak for me its a combination of both.Also my recent personal experience with my husband's illness.My husband was a nurse for 35 years dx with stage 4 bone cancer in 2015 .He had radiation and chemo .Fought hard unfortunately he passed away in 2017.Our nurses,oncologist,and hospice nurses were wonderful.They made an impression on me.

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    Quote from RNBearColumbus
    Hours and being on call depend on the agency you work for.

    As a home hospice case manager, I work Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30. I work every 6th weekend. I'm never on call. Our hospice has nurses hired specifically to work evenings and over night. Once 4:30 comes, I log off my computer and turn off my phone. They get turned on again the next morning at 7:45. I'm able to complete all of my charting during my actual work day, and never have to work "off the clock" Work life balance is good, at least where I work.

    I have a case load of 15 -18 patients at any one time. I see 4-5 a day. I have a HUGE number of resources I can rely on while I'm out in the field, including triage nurses, managers and physicians.

    Your experience certainly would be a good fit for hospice. I like the suggestion in the previous reply that you try to shadow a hospice nurse on his / her rounds.
    I have been An RN over 30 years.Most in hospitals last 15 years ED.I started as a Hospice Case Manager 2 months ago.I am in a very similar situation as you except .I don't work a scheduled set weekend .About every 6 weeks will have to do a one day Sat or Sunday 8 hour backup on call shift.I am really liking it so far.

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    no why was the narcan given ? was pt OD ?

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    after being nurse 30 years last 15 in ED .I just started a Hospice Case Manager position recently.

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    After 30 years of working in a hospital setting :Step down,CT surgery ,ICU/CCU,ED,Telemetry,Dialysis,etc.I decided I needed a change.I start a full time Hospice position Monday.My husband passed away in 5/2017 of Stage 4 cancer after a 2 year battle.The nurses in patient ,outpatient and Hospice were all exemplary.The Hospice position is a Casemanager in out patient settings.

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    work with an agency do contract or local travel assignments .usually 13 weeks.

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    I have been a nurse 30 yrs last 15 in Emergency Departments .I just accepted a full time position as Hospice Case Manager .My Husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2015 and passed away last may 2017.The oncology and hospice nurses were awesome.I have been considering Hospice for awhile .I start feb 5th.

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    I updated my Linkedin profile including an updated resume,used Indeed and career builder as well.Both with my resume.I also contacted some local contract ,travel agencies .I also let my friends know I was job hunting.I just accepted a full time position with local company thru my old boss.took me 3 weeks.

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    I am so sorry for what you and your family are going thru .It is very stressful .some people just don't think before speaking others are just clueless,

    My brother in law died of lung cancer leaving my sister and 6 kids at thanksgiving.My mom died from sepsis at xmas the same year .this is their 10th anniversary .on top of that i just lost my husband few months ago.He had spinal cancer stage 4 at diagnosis and went thru radiation and 42 chemo treatment.I worked full time .then this year he died from brain bleed .it was very stressful .both his work and mine knew his diagnosis and treatments .we are both ED nurses.but somethings people said were clueless.I just learned who I could depend on and who I couldn't.

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    I have been a nurse over 30 years .Yes I have made a few med errors but no harm to pt .Certainly not a fatal error.