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    Quote from akanarn
    Hi all! I am 38, married, two (2) children, ages 15 and soon to be 13 (boys). I have my AAS Degree. I am currently a Corporate Paralegal. I just started doing CRNA's employment agreements three (3) years ago. Three (3) years ago I want to started nursing school and too be honest I was scared of "starting over". Now I am ready. I have a lot of prereqs., but I a fine with that. I start in Feb. My husband who is also my BEST FRIEND is extremely supportive and our children are amazing and supportive. I haven't mentioned it to one (1) person at work. When I am doing an employment agreement for one of the groups we represent I work directly with the Chief and President of Anesthesiology for surgical corp. He is affliated with major hospitals in my area. I know that he would be happy to know that he played a major role in regard to me wanting to become a CRNA. I haven't told him because he is one of my boss' clients. I was think about getting a job in a hospital, so that I could work until 3 or 4 the latest. Right now I have to work until 5:00pm and I cannot change my schedule not even for school. Back to my question. One (1) of my friends that I told said, that I was too old to begin and by the time I graduate with my RN degree I will be 41 at least. That is true I most likely will be 41 because I am going part-time. What do you think? I have prayed on it. God bless.
    Hi just want to tell you how i wish im 38 again, After being with the airlines for 9 years I was laid off for good at the age of 35. I went back to school this time took up dentistry. I got my doctorates degree in Dental Medicine at the age of 41 and practiced for 5 years . Last 2003 I decided to take my state board in the states (I went to dental school here in the Philippines) and was told that I have to go back to 3rd year proper of dental school there. I was told year 2000 was the year they don't allow foreign graduates to take the board exam anymore. How I wish then that I took the board when I graduated 92. I decided to take CNA while there and passed the state board. After 8 months decided to go back home and instead take up nursing instead, Now I just graduated with a BSN and just awaiting for my approval to take the NCLEX exam. I am a american citizen so no need for me take the local board here as i am not allowed anyway. I have been bombarded by ugly comments by my peers , classmates , and relatives when I took up dentistry and I was only 35 then, more so now that I recently graduated at the age of 52. I don't feel old, I look young, i exercise everyday, jogging, gym, and boxing. I have nothing to prove to anyone except to myself. Im glad your going back to school and my prayers will always be with you. For as long as we keep ourselves healthy, and be closer to God there is hope for everyone . God Bless and good luck. jraul

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    Quote from Mayravilla23
    Hey Suzy253,

    Oh....I feel so much better!! I'm a wreck. I start working on June 5th and I feel so lost!! I know I'll do fine...but, it's just so nerve wrecking!! Then I have Kaplan, another content review, new job, N-CLEX, and trying to breath somewhere inbetween!!

    Ok, I'll get off my drama queen mode and face the fact that it's what I commitied myself to do. Just feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for listening to me!!

    Happy Memorial Day!!
    hi this is jraul a new graduate just want to say hello to you.I feel the same way so your not alone. jraul.

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    Hi everyone! Just graduated BSN here in the Philippines as my second course, my first course was DDM graduated 92. When I went back to the states year 2003 to take my dental board exam I was told that it was already closed for foreign graduuates like me so I will need to go back 3rd year proper dentistry. I decided to go back home and instead take up nursing. I just graduated last March 06 and now reviewing for the NCLEX. I still don't know which state I want to apply but I was thinking of Nevada, Vermont or Hawaii. Anybody out there would like to give me tip where the best place to work as a nurse? I lived in Nevada, Washington, Minnesota and Hawaii before as an airline employee. Now I'm making a new change and would really like to meet new people as soon as I pass the NCLEX which I will be taking in Hongkong. Thanks and hope to hear from anyone out there. God Bless to everyone! Jraul