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    Thanks for the reply. So far I am happy, we will see how it goes. From what I have read, I just need to stand up for myself and let them know what I want, but also remain flexible. I am looking forward to it, and so are my kids.

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    I am considering taking an assignment in Buffalo, NY, at a VA Hospital. I am working with Intelistaf, they seem nice and thorough. This will be my first travel position. I will be traveling with my 3 kids, old enough not to need child care. I am a bit nervous, if anyone has any advice or any info about the Buffalo area I would appreciate it. The recruiter tells me that since it is a VA hospital, I don't have to have my NY liscence to work there. I plan on getting one, but it will take 6-8 weeks. If I take that job I can go sooner.

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    In Rn

    Hi everyone, I am new to this. I am going to be traveling to Buffalo, New York. Intelistaf/flying nurses has shown a great interest in me. Anyone have any comments about this company. Also I will be traveling with 3 children, old enough that I don't need child care. Any advice on that. I am really nervous about the move, but excited at the same time. Thanks for any comments.