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    I agree. fatima (valenzuela) has a "not-so-good" record when it comes to their instructors (and bribery/corruption) compared to the quezon city branch. UP is way above fatima and I agree with that.

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    i bet you're in st. augustine??

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    I must agree with that one.

    --bite the bullet--

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    ah yes. that was very helpful. my thanks mobitz.


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    that's so cool of you. I liked the way you dice-up the day-to-day scenario.

    anyways, escape from hell is just one point to consider. I think it is much better (in many ways) to have a land-based job than a sea-based one. you can stress out after the hard work. the perils are much more contained and localized. (unlike in seafaring---> mistake of one, death of all)

    and BTW, even before I took marine eng., i already have a pair of stetoscopes and a sphygmomanometer. memorizing amino groups and hormones has not been a problem for me but, memorizing the 32 points of the compass turned out to be a hard part for me. dunno why. I have several medical books. (cecile medical encyclopedia, medical dictionary)
    the latest that I got was from Restak--mysteries of the mind, a neurology book. seems like I really wanted to be part of the medical world. hopefully, things would go smooth for me.

    (thanks to you. you have unfolded for me the not-so-told glitches of nursing.)

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    change carrers? yes
    great perks? no. definitely no.

    let me clarify. sealife is much closer to a jailhouse. a gulag. we are trapped in a lose-tie situation. one foot on the floor and the other in grave. (considering) free board and lodging, meals and hygiene- related supplies and the salary, tho really attractive, is not equitable to the perils we need to face. emotional stress(homesick), physical stress and mental stress consumes us slowly. yes, so slowly that you won't realize you have become an entirely different person.

    we sometimes need to strip off our native skin and wear the new ones available in the locality. we face/meddle with diff. people from diff. places and diff cultures. that alone would consume our moral, mental, physical and spiritual stamina. ( considering the fact that you can't lose your temper around some nasty heated conversations. you really need to pull your sh*t up. )

    those who tell that sealife is wonderful, well, they are lying thru their teeth. legends. false.

    at most, you won't be able to find people, no, I mean seafarers who can talk in a fashion such as this. most of us, seafarers, are arrogant and spendthrift . few are reserved, knowledgable, wide readers, respectful, honest and loyal ( talk about infidelity huh?)

    yes, I want to change my destiny.

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    that's nice uberdoog.

    yes. I know what i got to offer and what i need to lose.
    i want to take that PN/CNA course. I'm not so sure if those courses are "profitable" on my part--you know--. I don't want to loll around armchairs and I ain't gonna burn some money for nothing.

    the crux: is PN/CNA really a good (or better) ticket to elsewhere? (say Canada for instance)

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    mice david,

    I take it you haven't got the hang of it (??) as I said, I'm a marine engineer and that would imply: this would be my first time to take nursing.

    and no, I'm not making some deviating remarks. I'm trying to illustrate the scenario of this realm. com'on! Im not a realist but this is reality.

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    those schools doesn't accept 2nd coursers.

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    case: marine engineer. 25 y/o and not happy with sealife. environment/salary is nice though but, the relation amongst ethnic groups (local/provincial roots) are sour, kind of fake smiles and fake "good morning" greets. so much said.

    recently, I have inquired admission requirments from:
    Fatima college(valenzuela) ---this one ain't too friendly. the envionment looks good overall--clean grounds, trees, security guards etc. downside: student population is big and guess what? they even don't have a prospectus. so I asked them: "a university doesn't give prospectus??" no curriculum list?
    answer: "please just visit our web site"
    ok, they got the tune but they missed the lyrics.

    Laconsolacion kalookan: poor environment for nursing students. no adequate facilities and most of all, no permit. (they just got the permit 1 year too late)----------end of line-----------

    FEU/UST: better than fatima in many ways. air conditioned rooms. very big campus. clean/secure grounds also. very nice facilities. downside: tuition fee is sky high. but what school doesn't??? so, excuse the price tag and go to the next school.

    St. Augustine school of nursing: now. this one is a puzzle. a newbie school that suddenly sprung from "overseas nursing demand". question: how competetive?? poor library(i have seen) and no base hospital/poor medical facility. very small area (campus??) -- everything squeezed into a 3~4 storey bldg about 150 sqm per floor.
    pro: they offer 2 year "practical nursing course" / 1 year "basic nursing"they say it's a hot ticket to the US,UK and Canada. wow, that's pretty something huh and great too--viewing 2 or 1 year of study, less scratch on the wallet and less scratch on the shoes. (whoa, I won't need to change my shoes every year. 4 years would saturate my wallet big time)
    but, as I gather the woodsticks, a friend had just told me that pratical/basic nursing ain't gonna airlift my luggages to US, UK or Canada. that literaly means I'm going to waste my hard earned money for nothing. (if that's really true and I take it so)
    well, if these courses are nothing less than money burn and false hopes of future personal advancement, what could the government do/undo to ameliorate the situation?? and how come some schools are offering these courses without the proper facilities??

    end of sentiment. thank you guys.
    (anyone there who just had the experience?? I just blew my sentiments away) don't get the wrong end of the stick guys.

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    I have just visited FEU may 19:
    27,000~30,000 Php per sem BSN.
    books ex.
    plus other on the *buylist*

    UST goes with something close to that figure.

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    hello guys. Im so new around here. I want to study nursing, pls. give me some advice. im kind of a dumb to know the diff. (if there are any big diff.) between the so called "2 year practical nursing" and the "1 year basic nursing course". this course was offered by St. augustine school of nursing ( a component of AMA group ). what are the chances/opportunities of a 2 year practical nursing course against 1 year basic nursing?? is it true that employment chances are higher when we take into account the years of study/schooling??