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    This should be required reading for every nursing student. Thank you for a very important lesson. Blessings of comfort, peace and strength.

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    Great story and exactly the reason I could never be a Peds nurse!

    I am going on 26 years in the NICU, high-risk birth certified and NIC certified; however, floating to Peds gives me PVC's! I kid you not. Fortunately, I have floated exactly four times in 23 years and the kids survived, haha.

    You are going to go far, and please, keep writing about your experiences. You'll be the nurse others like me, an old-timer, would love to work alongside. I loved reading this article.

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    1.This one is on one of the ER Docs where I work. End of January, I was in the ER for a lg perineal abscess, draining plus a rather lg hot/red area of cellulitis, all wrongly treated for two weeks. After waiting on the stretcher for 3 hours, the doc finally got me into an exam room. Now I am a lg woman and have been married but never heard these words when the covers were pulled back, "Wow! Now that's impressive"!

    He was immediately stunned at his reaction, but the nurse and I were immediately hysterical!!! We all had a good laugh as they rushed me to pre-op!!! He knew I worked there too, but glad it's not the ER.

    2. NICU nurse, meeting the father for the new admission. Two men (20's-30's) and an older gentleman, all concerned but beaming. Stupid me looked at the older man and said "Is this your first grandbaby"?...wait for it...

    "No, he's my third SON! These are his brothers, Chip and Dale" (names chg'd, of course).

    Now, I just say who's the new daddy, but even that can backfire if the baby-daddy is in the wind and the new BF is present. Oh the parental unit/baby world today!!!

    **These posts have made me hysterical!!! Thanks loads!**

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    The rep is correct; however, the water level should still be moving gently up and down, not just still with no movement. If there is 'play' in the water level, you've still got CPAP.

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    Favorite: Sending a NICU baby home with loving people whom you hope will always be that loving.

    Least Favorite: Sending a NICU baby home and knowing it's probably going to be on the news one day...soon...

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    This response is for 'isitpossible':

    Amazingly, it just never occurs to me to be sarcastic or snarky with anyone who asks me a question at work. Esp new nurses or new hires. It breaks my heart to hear of this, and I have been a nurse for over 30 yrs!

    It's so unbelievable that this kind of $hitty treatment of others occurs in a place where healing is supposed to take place.

    Get over yourselves!!!!!!!

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    Oh, and puree' up some Chinese for me if I have no teeth!!!!

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    I know from experience that it's the nurse that many times needs a hug or a touch. I have had a parent of my NICU baby acknowledge that I needed a hug after watching us work over a very ill/dying baby for a shift or even for days. I'm sure the residents of a LTC facility see it all, too. They need to give comfort, too, as much as receive it.

    BTW, for 'state' to render these PC rules, they have overlooked the 'person'. With that resident's permission, nicknames, touch, a hug should be as essential as food and medicine. If I'm in your LTC, please hug me, hold my hand when I'm afraid, ask me about being a nurse all those years ago, and call me Sandi, you little whippersnapper!! haha.

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    Absolutely no durg testing. You are accused but innocent. It is up to the co-worker to prove this.

    Ask for a meeting with your lawyer, the administration/your immed super and this co-worker. Force her hand to accuse you and prove the accusations.

    Do not leave without having these accusations settled. It will make you look guilty otherwise.

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    I recently endured two weeks and 3 surgeries in 'my' hospital for a rather large (so am I) and deep perineal abscess. My surgeon was a wonderful, dignified, Indian man who was very respectful of me. However, by discharge, my crotch had been seen so many times that I just didn't care anymore. He joined the discharge nurse, my nurse and a male nursing student to observe and approve the home dressing procedure. When the DN was about to start, I said, "Oh wait a minute. That guy from Housekeeping isn't here yet. He hasn't seen it".

    We ladies just laughed and laughed, and I even got a red-faced smile from the surgeon. That young student looked as if he wanted to find a door; however, he did learn something that day, and my body was the teacher.

    Ruby, I wish you smiles AND your dignity as you're enduring. You have a great attitude. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. BUT, don't be in too big a hurry to get back to work. It will all be there waiting.

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    I still occasionally find myself doing this after +/- 30 years. Holding the sometimes almost full IV bag against my chest with my arm while I unplug the line to vent a new bag. It always seems like a good idea at the time, and IS if the bag is EMPTY, goofball!!

    I really try to not to do this for it's just not professional!! heehee

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    Could you not do work as a telephone nurse? Perhaps you could look into that?

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    Our Pharmacy states the vial tops are not sterile; if you look at the cap after you pop it, it is not air tight so...not sterile.

    This is esp true of pop top blood culture bottles. The vial MUST be scrubbed with alcohol and air dried before blood specimen is placed in.

    I've worked in 2 states, three hospitals and three dialysis centers. All pharmacists/pharmacy liasons stated the is not sterile, needs to be scrubbed.

    It's a no brainer, really.

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    AKarl Farmer...not funny.