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  • Mar 24 '09

    I don't live there anymore, but I grew up in that area and my family still lives there. Hanover Hospital is an excellent hospital and while I know less about it, I belive Carroll Hospital is also good. My family members have been patients in Hanover General Hospital many times in the last few years and I have always been very happy with their care. Checking their website, I see they have several openings for staff nurses.

    I also know of an excellent LTC facility nearby within a retirement community -- where I plan to retire someday. It's where I have chosen to receive care when the time comes -- based on the excellent care my family has received there.

    Good luck with your career and your relocation. It's a very nice area in which to live.

  • Mar 24 '09

    Have you tried Hanover Hospital? Also you can try Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, MD (which is only about 30-45 min away from Gettysburg)...