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    Do you know what the CNS market is like? My degree was a dual one so that is always an option as well. I'm greatful for any info you can give me.


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    Are you a NP? If so, what sort of jobs are you doing right now?

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    If they won't write for the HalfLytely there is a way to take Colyte
    with bisacodyl and only drink 2 liters. I have the directions at work and can bring them home if you find you need them.

    Couple of tips. Chill the solution. Use a straw. Slice up a lime or a lemon, suck on slices between the galsses, don't eat it it just helps clear the taste out of the back of your throat (pts say the lime works best.) Suck on mints or use mouthwash between glasses or even brush your teeth.

    Lots of luck.

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    I am an Adult NP (1 yr experience) relocating in Nov and was wondering what the job market was like on Oahu. I do have the added benefit of being trained as a CNS but have never practiced. I don't see many NP or CNS postings and I was told that my CNS will be more useful than my NP.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    I've been a GI RN since '95 and see the best results with Colyte or it's Generic equiv. It doesn't cause the electrolyte problems that Fleets and MagCitrate cause and it's the cleanest of the three. There is a new one that I just started writing for as a NP. It's HalfLytely, half the abount but with 4 Bisacodyl tabs. The GI doc I work for loves it because patients are more compliant. Only problem... some places don't carry it and some insurances don't cover it.

    Hope your colon went well.

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    both of you are going to need to sit for national boards.

    you also need to contact the hawaii board of nursing and apply for a license after passing your boards. here's a link to the contact page..

    here is a link to a document about foreign grad requirements for hawaii reports/cgfns_2004%20annual_legislature_report.pdf

    you are going to need a work visa and a hospital or other organization to sponsor you. i know there are companies here that recruit internationally i just don't know who they are but i did find one link...

    best of luck