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    How long does it take before you get a call for a interview for a hosptial? I applied to two jobs in Providence Hospital however have not heard anything from them. So should I give up and think they will never call me. I hear you have to know someone to get that true?

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    Quote from Penguinelane
    I do not see anyone else online offering a certification as an OB Tech. Is the certification exclusive to medtexx? Are you in the course? Tell me about it. I think I might just be able to take the test.
    No, the cerification is not excluive to medtexx because I did find a community college offering a OB tech training. I am not in the course yet...however I am thinking about taking it. I did ask someone that took the course though Medtexx and she said it was fun but hard.

    Oh, I do not know if Medtexx is exclusive only to offer online OB tech cerification because I too cannot find any other comapny offering it.


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    I have been looking into taking the OB tech course by Medtexx. I have a few questions for the people who have taken the course.

    Did you like the program?
    Do you recommend the company?
    Was the program hard?

    You can PM if you like.

    Thanks, :spin:

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    I am looking into becoming an Ob tech. However I am wondering what the job outlook is on Ob tech? Can anyone help me with this?
    What schools do you recommmend?
    What is the pay?
    What are the duties of a OB tech?
    And is it best to first be a C.N.A?

    Thanks for answering some of my questions.

    Susan :spin:

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    I am new to the Board. Will tell you a little about myself I am a birth doula near the Kansas City area. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    How does everyone feel about doulas in the labor room?