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    I have a quick question for anyone who might know. I plan to continue on after school to obtain my nurse anethetist (quess i better learn how to spell it first ) any way, does any one have any pointers on good schools to apply to, or the process involved after you've worked in ICU for 2 years?

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    Hi there, I wanted to give you a little comfort since I too am 14 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding, and I will be an RN this may. I hounded my doctor about this, and what it comes down to is how badly you are bleeding first of all. If it is bleeding like you would be during your period, heavy to the point you need a pad or tampon this could be uterine bleeding and you should have your doctor explain if he's not concerned. On the other hand if it is more spotting and streaking this is most likely bleeding from around your cervix. My doctor explained to me that when you are pregnant you increase your blood flow all over, this is why often your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, or you might wake up in the mornings with a bloody nose. Its just that every thing is now much more vascular. Same thing around your cervix area, and if you are on your feet alot or have just had intercoarse or something that causes stress to that area you will often bleed a little, and this is normal and should subside if you take it easy. I hope this helps. It helped me out, I worked 12 hour shifts on a medical floor and then would bleed (spotting) for several days after ward, and this is how my doctor explained it to me.

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    HI everyone, I am very new to all of this, but here it goes. I graduate with my RN this may, and I have a job secured for me in an ICU. I am a little scared, any words of advice?