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    I've worked at a prison for a year now and can't imagine working any where else. I started working there since my husband worked as a nurse at this facility for about 2 years. He didn't want me to work there to begin with but the medical unit needed nurses and I went for it.
    My family had many concerns about the prison setting for me and I was scared about it too. I've never felt safer before in this setting. There are always officers present when interacting with the inmates. Security is always number 1. If there happens to be an incident, security first and medical second to ensure our safety. I'm definitely watched after by the eye in the sky and male officers around. I always remember where I'm at and who is around. Caution.
    I still use my assessment skills and never know what condition I'm going to be looking at. The shift is never boring that's for sure. I say go for it. The beautiful thing about nursing is the many directions it takes you. If you try it and it doesn't work there will be another door to open. Good luck!