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    Hello Atlanta
    If anyone had a few minutes, I would greatly appreciate ~ positive and hegative ~ nursing opportunities in the Atlanta-metro area.
    I am an RN with a lot of hospital experience, including cardiology, PCU, med surg and case mgmt. My husband is currently unemployed and are considering the atlanta area.
    Are there jobs for experienced RN's ? is it a good placed to raise children ?


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    J.C and Skyegirl
    Thank you so much for your posts, I so greatly appreciate them.. As a yankee at heart, and moving from another state, I never realized the hurdles that I have never been able to overcome.
    Yes it is the north vs the south, and most definately the war is not over ~ in the eyes of some people in the south. Sorry to anyone I offend, but if you are not born and bred here, well you are an outsider. If you dont know someone who is someone, then you get nothing and will have nothing
    South carolina is a lovely, beautiful state with so many wonderful things to do... Nurse friendly ? I tend to disagree.

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    WOW, thanks so much for responding so quickly to my post, it makes so much sense now... We are hoping to be in Greenville come march, as we already own a house here, I just hope something comes through

    thanks again :spin:

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    Hello !
    I was hoping someone could anwser a question for me, I am an RN with over 10 years of experience in the clinical setting, and I am having a hard time finding a job in the Greenville area.
    My family and I are re-locating to the Greenville area this spring, and it has been very depressing & frustrating. I am licensed, ready to go with my resume' up to date
    any suggestions would be appreciated