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  • Dec 5 '17

    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    I have a story that is not really a ghost story... it's a dementia story, really, but it still scared the pee outa me at the time.
    I was putting "Edna" to bed one night. She did have dementia and was also veeeerrrry paranoid.
    Anyway, I had her wheelchair by her bed and was getting ready to put her in when she yells, "Honeeee! There's a man under the bed!"
    So I, all ready to reassure her, kneel down, swipe my hand around under the bed and say, "See, Edna, there's no one there!"
    Edna screamed and goes, "Look out! Look out! He's evil... and he's looking right back at you!"
    Of course, I'm down there on the floor with my hand under the bed and she's telling me this.
    It gave me the heebie jeebies and, like a kid afraid of monsters under the bed, I was waiting for someone to grab my ankles the whole rest of the time I was putting her to bed!
    Oh on that note I will share my dementia pt story. My resident was up wandering on 2nd shift and started trying to go out to the courtyard. I was working on redirecting her when she starting talking about this man, who was crawling on the ground on all fours and coming straight towards the screen door we were standing at!! She was really freaked out by this invisible man and it gave me the heebie jeebies so bad I had a huge chill run through my body. I can't imagine how frightening it must be for the dementia pt, who really truely is seeing all this stuff!!

  • Sep 11 '17

    Quote from ladybuglouRN
    I am a new grad that has passed my NCLEX. I have a family and small children and just can't see myself working 12 hour shifts let alone night shifts in a hospital. I want something with regular hours where i can be home at night and on holidays. Will I never be able to go to a hospital later on in my career if i don't start out there? I am really thinking I would be ok with that but want to keep my options open. Any advice out there? It would be greatly appreciated!
    When I graduated it was pretty hard to get into the hospitals so I was applying elsewhere. I ended up landing a job as a new grad in Home Health. I work M-F 8-4 with a weekend admission every so often and we don't work holidays. My hours are very flexible and I am home with my family every night. I do fear that going into a HHA has more than likely prevented me from ever working in the hospital. But I love the pace of where I work. I can take the time with my pts and I cannot see myself working in a hospital environment. I think I was one of the lucky ones who found my niche in nursing right away, and also found a boss who was willing to take on a new grad. Best of luck to you. It IS possible to not work in the hospital!!