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    Reading 86.
    Math 74.

    I knew how to the ratios and fractions problems. But I had trouble with the converting units problems and I guessed on all of them. I wasted a lot of time studying the wrong information. I studied all of the subjects in my HESI book like chemistry and biology. Then at the last minute I found out it was only reading and math. So idk.

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    Nothing yet. I agree , it's crazy that Memphis only has one LPN program. Are you familiar with the Healthcare Insitiute on Winchester? They just got approved by the board for a LPN program starting next year. I saw it on their Facebook page.

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    Well,kind of. I received mixed reviews from a couple of people at my current job, mostly negative.

    However ,I did accept the job. And was given about 5 sheets of paper explaining the actual CNA duties that I will be performing there. Here is a brief list of some of the duties.

    And they are as followed....

    •Performes safety searches
    •Orients patient to unit and gives tour
    •Takes,monitor,and document vitals and EKG's
    •Manages patient meals and snacks on the unit
    •Assist patient with ADLs
    •Assist patient to designated areas per program scheduled to include medication pass time,groups,and meals
    •Provide measures that promote sleep as necessary
    • Launders patients clothing to include washing,drying,folding and reissuing to the patient.
    •Creates an atmosphere of hope,motivation,and enthusiasm.

    Thanks ,I will check out the link that you provided.

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    Can anyone give me some insight on working as a CNA in a psychiatric facility? I recently got offered a position to work at one in the gero unit.

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    Anyone else applying for the fall September class at TCAT Memphis?

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    I completed my CNA clinicals last week at a assisted living facility. I really enjoyed my time there. The facility was nice and clean and smelled great! The residents were a joy to work with and kept me smiling. Some of the CNAs were very negative and rude. I heard another CNA tell one of her co-workers that she is trying to stay hidden so she won't have to train any students . Everybody was a student at one point of time and we mainly just wanted to observe since most of already had experience. I made sure I avoided that particular person. The CNA I worked with was very unprofessional and not only did she answer her phone in the middle of giving a resident a shower but even had a full blown 3 minute conversation ! She didn't follow any infection control and show no interest towards me. I felt like I was invisible to her. She didn't communicate with me whatsoever! Not even a how are you doing today or anything! I expressed my concern to my clinical coordinator and was able to go to another floor and was much happier. The CNA on the other floor was much more down to earth and engaging toward me. There was about 8 of students total and we were split in pairs amongst 3 floors. One of my classmate came across the lady that does the hiring on the floor she was working on. Long story short ,she landed a interview and was given the dates for orientation. I was a little jealous because she is already working and I'm not.☹️However she is older than me and has more experience than I do. Also,she is very sweet person❤️ She even sends me inspirational text messages every morning. The rest us all filled out applications as well, and I also sent my resume via email. The rest us have not heard a response about our applications. I was able to get a interview from a different facility but I was dead set on working there because they have a weekend shift that pays 15$ hr. Plus I just loved it there despite a few negative encounters. My classmate gave me the lady number that offered her the position. She said I should call her and let her know that I'm still interested. I felt awkward about doing that. Would that be rude? Considering that I nevered verbally spoke to her. I want this job what should I do?

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    I'm halfway through my CNA program and about to start applying for job positions. What is the best facility to work at as a brand new CNA ?

    •Independent living (Retirement community)
    •Assisted Living
    •Long Term Care
    •Home Health Care

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    Quote from MechelleMyBell
    Where do you live? I see these comments a lot about not being able to find medical assistant jobs. I'm starting the program next week bc that's all I see on the job boards! I guess it depends on your area. CNA's are in demand here also. I think $500 is a good price. My MA program is $1,999.00 at the local community college. I think the CNA is $695.00
    I would watch the indeed (internet job board) job board in your area and see what's in demand. I also have the local hospital job pages set on my home screen and check them daily to see what jobs are being posted and what experience they want. I know some get hired as a unit clerk if they have CNA experience and also we have a local dialysis clinic here that's hires CNA's and PCT.
    hope this helps!

    I live in Tennessee in there are tons of CNA jobs that are in my area in good facilities. Such as St.jude children's hospital and ect. I guess it's a regional thing. $1.999.00 is a good price also. Way better than $16,000. I apply to postings often and always get these. (" Thank you for applying with our company, However, after careful consideration, the position has been filled.") Type of emails. I wish I would of did a little more research before enrolling at Concorde ☹️ I hope you have better luck with your program and thanks for your input.

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    I,ve applied to numerous of job and only was able to obtained 3 interviews 1 of which wasn't medical assistant related at all. Unfortunately, I didn't get hired on either☹️. Concorde hasn't help at all with job placement. Most of employers want you to have experience and I only have a 5 week externship. I've completely forgotten all my skills such as order of blood draw and ect. Only thing I remember is my medical terminology. I will be going back to school for Cna next week, which is what I originally planned to do. However , I was listening to the wrong people and decided to go the medical assistant route. I have worked as a server,Walmart,Jcpenny and a warehouse job since graduating. I know my potential and feel like I'm better than those jobs. My passion is healthcare and that's where I want to be. My question is do you think obtaining a Cna license will get my foot in door? I've seen countless of open Cna positions in my area. The program I'm enrolled in is only 4 weeks and the tuition is just $500.