Calling a employer before they call you?


I completed my CNA clinicals last week at a assisted living facility. I really enjoyed my time there. The facility was nice and clean and smelled great! The residents were a joy to work with and kept me smiling. Some of the CNAs were very negative and rude. I heard another CNA tell one of her co-workers that she is trying to stay hidden so she won't have to train any students:no: . Everybody was a student at one point of time and we mainly just wanted to observe since most of already had experience. I made sure I avoided that particular person. The CNA I worked with was very unprofessional and not only did she answer her phone in the middle of giving a resident a shower but even had a full blown 3 minute conversation:eek: ! She didn't follow any infection control and show no interest towards me. I felt like I was invisible to her. She didn't communicate with me whatsoever! Not even a how are you doing today or anything! I expressed my concern to my clinical coordinator and was able to go to another floor and was much happier. The CNA on the other floor was much more down to earth and engaging toward me. There was about 8 of students total and we were split in pairs amongst 3 floors. One of my classmate came across the lady that does the hiring on the floor she was working on. Long story short ,she landed a interview and was given the dates for orientation. I was a little jealous because she is already working and I'm not.☹️However she is older than me and has more experience than I do. Also,she is very sweet person❤️ She even sends me inspirational text messages every morning. The rest us all filled out applications as well, and I also sent my resume via email. The rest us have not heard a response about our applications. I was able to get a interview from a different facility but I was dead set on working there because they have a weekend shift that pays 15$ hr. Plus I just loved it there despite a few negative encounters. My classmate gave me the lady number that offered her the position. She said I should call her and let her know that I'm still interested. I felt awkward about doing that. Would that be rude? Considering that I nevered verbally spoke to her. I want this job what should I do?