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    Is the background check process grueling?

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    Does anyone know if independent practice rights for Neuro NPs is on the horizon, at all?

    Further, what kind MSN/DNP program do most neuro NPs originate from? FNP? or PMHNP?

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    Any nurse practitioners here who have made this journey? I am fascinated by those who have, and would love to know more.

    Also, for those NPs who have navigated into the waters of PP, have you undertaken any further study to improve psychotherapy skills? ... or even ECT?

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    I would strongly recommend talking to other veterans in your area to get an idea which local VSOs suck. If you're in a rural area like I am, you can't walk up the road without tripping over a vet, so do make use of "free" resources.

    Personally, I used a well-recommended VSO from the next county over, and even though the claims forms looked pretty straight-forward I would much rather go with the guy who makes a living crossing Ts and dotting Is (logic NEVER applies lol). Best of luck.

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    Quote from Pixie.RN
    You do have to be qualified for the roles in which you are applying; if you aren't qualified, then preference doesn't help. But read this information here:

    FAQs Regarding Job Opportunities for Veterans - VA Careers

    Of importance, please note the part that says "It is not necessary to send documentation of what your specific disabilities are." You don't have the reveal the information, period.

    One caveat I have found with a lot of gov/mil nursing jobs: they don't hire new grads unless it is specifically a new grad residency program, and there don't seem to be many of those. You might have to apply elsewhere (civilian) and get experience first. I would also recommend looking into a BSN program after you finish your ADN — it definitely counts in the gov sector as far as pay and grade/step.

    Good luck in the remainder of your program! And thank you for reminding me that I need to get off my butt and file my disability paperwork. I ETS'd one year ago today, wow.
    So, wait, since the VA has custody of my medical records would it really be that hard for them to simply pull up my file in the middle of the hiring process and see what all I had going on?

    I mean, it would probably violate HIPPA, basic morality, and some other stuff, but it would still be feasible, right?

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    I like the sound of that, thanks for letting me know.

    Good luck with the disability claims process-it's a doozy.

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    Does this apply to ADN nurses or just BSN? I've read all about VALOR but apparently that's only for traditional BSN...

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    I'm all about rural living, so applying to a VAMC in the middle of nowhere is actually quite attractive.

    Regarding veteran preference, I've heard that RNs and other title 58 employees don't qualify for veterans preference in the VA system--is this true? I never thought my vet status would be a liability in the VA hiring process.

    Is it really hard to vets to get jobs there as RNs, even in out-of-the-way locales?

    i completely agree with you about getting experience though! Thanks for the advice!

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    Hi all,

    I'm a disabled veteran, and about to finish an ADN program. I was curious to know if the VA honors its commitment to hiring nurses with VA disability, like forreal?

    For those of you not familiar with VA disability, you DO NOT receive it because you cannot work--rather, it is to compensate you for entering the service as a whole person and leaving with reduced functioning.

    For me, this does not really impact my overall functioning as a nurse: I have tinnitus, migraines, sleep issues, and depression/anxiety which is well-managed with medication/therapy.

    I am especially concerned that the documented disability I am receiving for depression/anxiety will affect my hire-ability.

    So is it just lip service or does the VA actually hire disabled veterans for care roles?

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    Hi all,

    First let me thank all of the nurses and folks here at AllNurses--I love this site, and it was a HUGE asset as I planned my departure from the Army and into nursing school. Now, I'm finally about to finish my ADN.

    Question is: how do I improve my odds of getting hired on as an RN at a VA? Really, any VA will do--I plan on applying to every VA facility across the country, preferably for psych positions--and moving to the first one that takes me.

    I have good grades, plan to apply to an RN-BSN program immediately following graduation, and qualify for veteran's preference... what more can I do NOW to qualify?

    If it matters, my interest in working at the VA is pretty much the reason I became interested in nursing in the first place: helping other vets.