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    Hello.. I graduated last year and I'm in the OR now, hired as a new grad..although I had 7 months experience on the floor. I did an externship at NYU in the OR, and I do recommend that you apply there, the staff, and the nurse educators are great, supportive and helpful. I suggest you pick teaching hospitals such as NYU, Cornell and Mount Sinai to apply to because you won't be thrown right away since you'll be learning A LOT of information from instruments, to sterile technique, scrubbing, circulating and knowing different services. With teaching hospitals everyone around you is there to help, assist and teach you everything you need to know. Good luck with applying, if you have a passion for the OR- you'll love it, I definitely do!

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    Hi, I am a new grad RN.. during school I landed an externship over the summer in the OR and I really enjoyed my experience there. I graduated last may, and I could of stayed at that hospital in the OR but I chose not to because I thought I should try the floor first thinking I would be missing out on something, like losing my nursing skills since you don't get to really hand out meds in the OR. Right now, I work on a heavy orthopedic spinal unit and I'm miserable. From day one, all my mind has been thinking about is waiting for the day to go back to the OR. I recently got a job at another hospital in their OR residency program, they will be training me to scrub and circulate on top of that I will be in the classroom learning. But I am confused, many people are telling me to finish up my year on the floor then go because it looks bad to leave within 6 months, and others are telling me to go for this great opportunity. I am also worried..what if I go to the OR then after 6 months I don't like it. Should I stick it out with the floor, or should I go for the OR?