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    Maybe the OP was trying to seek out nurses who have experience with this phenomenon on a daily basis as they are adjusting to their role as an ICU nurse. Just think! All that time you spent writing your sassy reply you could have spent...gasp!...helping another nurse? See the problem?

    Quote from PaSSiNGaS
    You all beat this guy up for simply stating the obvious. The OP asked a question and even said how they've heard this a lot but NOT ONE time did they say they looked up anything. They came here and asked a question a VERY simple google search would result in 100 pages of info that would explain this concept to them.

    I think it's a very valid question to the OP that they research this. Now if the OP came here and asked "hey I looked up anion gap and have a few questions about x y z" then sure I don't see a problem with that, but they didn't do that. Telling the person to actually do some simple research is not "eating their young." Its acting like a professional and being able to think for yourself and not just getting someone else to give you the answer because you don't feel like looking up something yourself.

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    Notice how CRNA programs don't have schools like this? Yet they make the most in the nursing industry. There are so many posts about FNPs not making enough, yet they seem to be the focus of these for-profit schools. I would be curious to see what would happen to wages if there were more stringent accreditation rules.

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    I don't think sending home formula with Mom's is shoving any agenda down their throat. What about barriers to providing nutrition to the infant? What if you can't breastfeed? What if you can't drive to Walmart since you just had a C-section? I don't think they need to hand out samples to everyone, but for those who chose to formula feed giving out a sample might help ease the transition from the hospital to home. My first few days at home with my son were nothing short of awful. I was in so much pain from the c-section, my milk hadn't come in yet, and he wouldn't latch. Those free samples from the hospital were a life saver! Each mother is going to have their own unique situation, but it's still a personal choice how they want to feed their baby. There is so much more awareness about the benefits of breast-feeding, but it doesn't always work out for everyone and I don't think we need to create a culture of victimizing a mother if it's not the right path for her.

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    We have switched to bedside report and this has eliminated a lot of these problems. I wonder if other people that do bedside report continue to have these same problems or if they have improved?

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    I have never thought of Danskos to be very comfortable when I tried them on. I bought some shoes made by nursemates and they are WONDERFUL!

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    I would think of some amazingly brilliant idea and then go strike a major deal on "The Shark Tank" and become a millionaire

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    My advise is to not attend either one. Go for your associates RN at a community college ( a fraction of the price of globe university ) or choose a state university if you want to get your BSN. MN is so saturated with nurses right now, but some are still finding jobs in home health or nursing homes. EVERYONE wants to work at a hospital, but many union hospitals have had their rounds of lay offs due to the economy. When they do start hiring again I am sure they will have their pick of those who are the "cream of the crop" in their graduating nursing class.

    If you do decide to go for your BSN at Globe just remember that your take home pay minus your massive student loan payment may put your net income around that of an LPN. Also, if you want to continue your education do your credits transfer to other universities with NP/PA programs? You need to find this information out before you sign anything.

    One more thing..........and I am curious if my speculations are correct so feedback appreciated.........but it seems like those who received their BSN from private or state universities have a more competitive edge in the job market. I think employers look at for-profit schools like Globe and Rasmussen and see their nursing program and/or nursing student selection process inferior to those at the private/state schools.

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    I'm sorry, but it is not a college's responsibility to hold your hand and guarantee a job for you. Maybe you should sue the people who won't hire you instead, they probably have a lot more money than your school!

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    There are no schools in st. cloud where you can get your ADN. St. Cloud State has a BSN program, but I know you don't want to wait that long. Central Lakes college in Brainerd or Anoka Ramsey Com. College in Coon Rapids are the two closest to you in the area. You can PM me for other questions about these schools if you want. Don't be discouraged I went a similar path to yours and actually ended up getting my LPN at a tech school and now applying for a bridge program.

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    People if you don't want to help this girl answer her question then MOVE ON!! No one is forcing you to answer this question for her so instead of berating her for posting it on a PUBLIC FORUM why don't you just not respond to it and get on with your life.

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    I have heard wonderful things about Bethel's RN to BSN program from several nurses

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    I'm so sorry for your situation. My brother is bi-polar and his alcoholism makes the highs and lows a nightmare sometimes. There are times that he will make grandoise statements of things he is going to accomplish, which are usually too ambitious for the average person. Then he will go through periods of days where he is just sleeps for hours and can't even bring himself to take a shower. When he was living with my mom his temper tantrums were so severe that some times I had felt it was downright unsafe for her to be in the house with him alone. It is important that you and your mom focus on what is acceptable in the house and what is not, because even if one of you is not enforcing the rules your sister will find away to take advantage of the situation. My mother is the world's biggest pushover and it took her years for her to stand up for herself and finally kick him out. Perhaps you could reach out to others who know that she has been on the decline for a while and ask them to participate on an intervention. Good luck and please don't beat yourself up over the things you can't control.

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    I'm just saying that for people who receive high quality insurance from their employer will probably not have it, because their employer will stop buying that insurance plan and opt for the cheaper government option. If they do this then the people will receive less quality healthcare compared to what they were receiving.

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    This bill will help nurses find jobs, but do you think there will be any incentive to become a doctor with this bill? Will it create a shortage of doctors? Do you think that this will give incentives for companies to create new medical devices that can improve and/or save lives? Under the new plan you can keep your insurance through your employer, but what if your employer will choose the government option (which is likely to be cheaper) and reduce the quality of care that you receive?

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    I really would not get my hopes up too high. Not to sound like a downer, but the new grad RN market is terrible right now. There have been major lay offs at almost all major hospitals.These specialty areas will probably not hire a new grad. If I were you I would take anything that I could get to at least have a job and get some kind of experience. Hopefully the market will turn in around in a few years.