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    I renewed my CNA and I am looking into taking Phlebotomy next qtr. Then maybe my medical lab tech certificate. What kind of job could I look into with the 3 combined? Or with just CNA/Phlebotomy? Is the pay any good? Is there really a need for Phlebotomists? thanks for your time, Lorie

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    I am new here and hoping to find some advice. I am currently in school for nursing. Only on my 2 qtr. Pretty new. Anyways I was also looking at Phlebotomy tech as well. Does anyone have any input about this? Are they really in demand? Is the pay good? Any info about this would be greatly appreciated.

    About me, well I am married to my high school sweetheart, been together since our junior year of high school 1990!!! Boy am I old?! LOL anyways he is my very own GI Joe. Yep we are a military family, a family of 7!! 5 kids yep, crazy huh?! Wouldn't have it any other way though. Here I am sitting here going back to school after all these years.

    Anyways if anyone could help me that would be great. thanks for your time, Lorie