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    Quote from DiamondpQt
    Im an LVN. I've thought of taking this to the DON OR CORPORATE
    At which point they will tell you to sit in your assigned unit and you will have then paced a target on your back. Is this really the hill you want to die on?

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    No, it isn't harassment. Yes, you should sit in the unit to which you are assigned.

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    I am concerned that three different different supervisors at three different jobs have told you that you are not safe to practice. You seem to gloss over this and claim it is because of your age, but is it? What caused three people to come to the same conclusion about your ability to practice - and why you don't believe them?

    Some serious self-reflection is needed here.
    And a STAT visit to your PCP for a thorough evaluation.

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    How would you like it to be handled if YOU were the person doing the offending? Let that be your guide.

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    Double lumen what? PICC, CVC, Port, PIV or extension tube? It makes a difference. The first three are true double lumen lines. There is in existence double lumen PIV catheters (Twincath). The last is simply a split extension set so not a true double lumen. Tell us what you are referring to so we can help you.

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    Quote from Daisy4RN
    I couldn't agree more! I meant no disrespect to you, I am sorry if you took it that way.
    Oh no not at all Daisy! I'm sorry if it came across that way. I was irritated with the poster who said it in the first place.

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    Quote from Daisy4RN
    How do you know Wuzzie is speaking from a place of privilege, what does that mean?
    In relation to the context of my original post it isn't even relevant. There is nothing inherently racist, prejudiced, bigoted, unempathetic or otherwise in wondering why someone does something. My subsequent post spoke of supporting the nurse in an ugly situation. Privilege has nothing to do with it. This person appears to have an axe to grind and is throwing PC buzzwords around in an attempt to smear my character while claiming "harassment" simply because I disagreed with her.

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    Quote from Kratoswife
    I Know that you're speaking from a place of privilege.

    Please don't quote me any longer! Will be considered harassment.

    Let's focus on the subject. No personal attacks.

    Have a blessed day!

    I'm glad the nurse sued! I hope she wins big time!
    Explain to me how my post was a personal attack? You were the one who threw the opening salvo by making assumptions about my "lack of empathy".

    I am allowed to quote whomever I like and I will. Feel free to block me.

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    Quote from Kratoswife
    Black people are a minority in this country.

    There are many racist people in this country, if they listen to every racist request. Most Black people would be out of a job.

    That's why I don't comment too much on here. The level of empathy some people have for minorities is very low on this site.
    You don't know me. You don't know my level of empathy. You don't know my circumstances. I'll thank you not to associate a quote from me with your assessment of this site.

    If I was in charge and a patient made such a request I would ask the nurse what they wanted to do. If they chose not to care for the patient I would honor THEIR request and I certainly wouldn't choose to put another nurse in that same situation. To do so would expose them to the risk of being reported to the BON for some trumped up complaint and I'm not willing to do that to one of my peers. I prefer to assume good intent and think that most of us, including the manager in this situation, would do the same in the best interest of the nurse not the patient. I would most certainly not be pandering to a bigot and resent your implication.

    Furthermore this nurse's job was not at risk. She wasn't sent home without pay. She wasn't reprimanded or put on some sort of work improvement plan. She wasn't given a terrible assignment instead. She was removed from the responsibility of caring for a jerk. It's clear, as more details came to light, that the situation could have been handled in a more sensitive manner but I still am mystified as to why this has risen to the level of a lawsuit against the hospital.

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    Quote from broughden
    No not nearly the same.
    In one case you are respectfully honoring the religious culture of a patient and family.
    In the other you are giving in to the demands of a racist bigot.

    Frankly while I feel we should honor patient's wishes to the extent possible, I dont think we should be placating racists and bigots.
    That may be true but is it fair to make a nurse take care of an openly hostile patient on principle?

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    Quote from Naser001
    Thank you so much Wuzzie. This is very helpful.

    Just one thing can you elaborate "tub room" per unit?
    Each unit, which could have any number of patients, would have a separate room with a tub in it for bathing smaller children if allowed. Please note that a "unit" is just a designated group of rooms on a particular floor. There can be more than one unit on a floor.

    Quote from LovingLife123
    Except icu's. We don't have showers. At least in my facility as most patients are not able to do so.
    Ours do.

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    In US adult hospitals it is customary, depending on the age of the facility, to have a shower in every patient bathroom. Room configuration is either single patient or up to two. If it is a double room there is only one bathroom so it is shared. We do not have wards. So per 50 beds it could be anywhere from 25-50 showers. The pediatric facilities I worked in would have one "tub room" per unit but usually showers in each bathroom. Again this would be for 1-2 patients.

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    Why would anyone fight for the right to take care of hateful bigot? Isn't that a bit over the top?

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    You're kind of lucky they're offering you the opportunity to do the traditional program. If you don't take them up on it you may not be able to go to nursing school at all. Many programs will not accept a student who has failed out of another program. Two years is just a blip on the radar. You have support from your family. Why not do it?

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    TJC has brought the hammer down on verbal orders which is fundamentally what you are receiving. However, you are not documenting them in the way that is traditionally acceptable. This could (and apparently has) get you into trouble. This system definitely works to the convenience of the physician but now you see why it is problematic for you. We had this issue on our triage lines. There are two areas where documentation can be done. Progress notes and routing comments. Routing comments are not part of the view-able chart. Our physicians were constantly responding via routing comments and we had to work very hard to get them to respond via the notes so there was actual documentation of what they wanted. All that being said I don't know why they think this should be a disciplinary thing. This is a process issue not your intentional wrong-doing. Your manager should have been aware of how things were being done and if she was aware she's throwing you under the bus. If she wasn't aware then perhaps she needs to get a better handle on the clinic she's supposedly in charge of.